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Dwie Ireny

As duas Irenes

Reżyseria Fabio Meira
Brazylia, 2017


By chance, Irene discovers that there is another 13-year-old Irene living in the same town. Curiously, she observes the confident, cheerful girl who lives alone with her mother. She is fascinated by this other world beyond the bounds of her own well-to-do and traditional family.

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From Hitchcock to Kieślowski to Jordan Peele, the story of the double has proven to be fertile territory for cinematic visions. But rarely has it been treated as luminously as in this superb debut from Brazil: a beguiling study on identity, imbued with both adolescence turmoil and summertime bliss.

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Daniela Cajía’s cinematography does wonders in these scenes, staying close to Irene’s point of view.
November 05, 2019
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Fabio Meira orchestrates a play of reflections, frames, and dimensions to build some of the richest moments in the film, flattening the composition in order to transform the many rooms of those houses and the many dimensions of those spaces into a single surface, so that the feelings of the background and the foreground will effectively blend.
November 11, 2017
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