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25 Ocen


Reżyseria Tom Shoval
Izrael, Niemcy, 2013


Brothers Yaki and Shaul kidnap a girl, hide her in a cellar and then place a call demanding a huge ransom for her release. But they’ve forgotten that today is Shabbat and their victim’s orthodox family will not answer the phone. Time starts to run out…

Ten film nie jest aktualnie dostępny na MUBI- w przeciwieństwie do 30-tu innych, wspaniałych filmów, które są teraz dostępne. Znajdziesz je w obecnie wyświetlane.
Youth Reżyseria Tom Shoval
The film plays a captivating game with its unpredictable balance of everyday detail and suspenseful, dramatic episodes… But whenever the film seems to be about to veer into purely generic thrills and become a tense, psychological power game of oneupmanship, another element kicks in and rearranges the premise.
May 23, 2016
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Elegantly shot to emphasize the suffocating atmosphere of its believably frightening scenario, the film speaks clearly about generational expectations and the disintegration of the middle class, even when the brothers communicate without using words.
August 18, 2015
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[Youth] involves a kidnapping that goes almost predictably wrong, though for somewhat unusual reasons: Its two knuckleheaded criminals (the real-life brothers Eitan and David Cunio) snatch a girl whose family, it turns out, observes Shabbat and won’t answer their would-be extortionist calls. It sounds funny, almost ludicrous, but Mr. Shoval isn’t remotely playing this for laughs.
March 24, 2014
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