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La giovinezza

Reżyseria Paolo Sorrentino
Włochy, Francja, 2015


Fred, a composer and conductor, is now retired. Mick, a film director, is still working. While Mick scrambles to finish the screenplay for what he imagines will be his last important film, Fred has no intention of resuming his musical career. But someone wants at all costs to hear him conduct again.

Ten film nie jest aktualnie dostępny na MUBI- w przeciwieństwie do 30-tu innych, wspaniałych filmów, które są teraz dostępne. Znajdziesz je w obecnie wyświetlane.
Młodość Reżyseria Paolo Sorrentino

Nagrody i Festiwale

Academy Awards

2016 | Nominowany: Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song

César Awards

2016 | Nominowany: Best Foreign Film

Golden Globes (USA)

2016 | 2 wśród nominacji: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel are both tremendous in their respective roles as revered maestros on the wane, while Sorrentino infuses the serenely beautiful (at times bewildering) imagery with life-affirming exuberance. A scene in which Caine conducts an orchestra of cows in a field is among the most joyous we’ve seen at this prestigious festival.
May 23, 2015
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The aged and affluent might be easy to mock, and maybe they can take Sorrentino’s teasing, but there’s more to this movie than that; it’s got a soul and believes in art. But he targets the rich, because he appears to think the source of the world’s decay can be traced to its upper echelons.
May 21, 2015
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So vivid and startling are the tableaux captured by a gliding camera that it’s often hard to see anything other than high-impact visual gimmickry. Mere hours after its first press screening, Youth is already dividing critics… For this writer, there is a palpable atmosphere to the film, a sense that Fred has entered his end days.
May 20, 2015
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Co mówią ludzie?

  • msmichel's rating of the film Młodość

    Sorrentino's second foray into English language filmmaking is a serious improvement on the first (This Must Be The Place) with this reflective film that examines the creative soul and the impact it has on family and friendships. Visually the film is sumptuous and where the film is light on story it excels in performance. Turns by Rachel Weitz, Paul Dano and especially Harvey Keitel are quite noteworthy.

  • Chichago_'s rating of the film Młodość

    "Do you see that mountain over there?" "Yes. It looks very close." "Exactly. This is what you see when you're young. Everything seems really close. And that's the future. And now. And that's what you see when you're old. Everything seems really far away. That's the past."

  • Ana Sousa's rating of the film Młodość

    (cont'd in comment) Honestly, bad acting? That Rachel Weisz's monologue that literally tore Michael Caine down, those 5 minutes when Jane Fonda stole the entire spotlight to herself, Paul Dano being his badass self (so much love for this guy)... Not to mention Caine and Keitel. People forget what "good acting is". Thankfully Youth is here to remind everyone.

  • eek's rating of the film Młodość

    You say that emotions are overrated. But that's bullshit. Emotions are all we've got.

  • ig_____or's rating of the film Młodość

    Sorrentino hasn't lost his mojo: "Youth" feels incredibly fresh while dealing with some heavy issues. Some characters were expendable, like the guy who dressed like Hitler or Paloma Faith. The scenarios and compositions are impeccable and the image of Fred's sick wife, during that epic final concert, is still engraved on my brain (much like the nun in "The Great Beauty").

  • chanandre's rating of the film Młodość

    [For lovers, for cinéphiles, for film students, for emotional folk; for You & Me] THE most meaningful, beautiful (*listens to MGMtT's The Youth* I wonder if the film's title comes from this song...) and emotional film of 2015 so far (Have not yet seen the new films of Malick, Tarantino, Zulawski, etc). In another Malick-less year (knight of cups was given limited distribution) many directors chose to channel Malick

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Młodość

    Gorgeous images, but the dialogue is so forced and contrived that I felt sorry for all of the fine actors involved. Is it supposed to be ironic that Keitel plays a film maker who has lost his spark? I hope that Sorrentino recovers his.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Młodość

    Handsome to look at, yet not altogether free of a postcard aesthetic, Sorrentino's over-ambitious film is a bitter and at points humorous (the Maradona character is an ingenious insertion) meditation on ageing and its tormenting reminder by the voluptuousness of youth as well as on the death of art and cinema. For all its merits though it is often sluggish (as the aged duo) and superficial. Good but flawed.

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