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Zorros Bar Mizwa

Reżyseria Ruth Beckermann
Austria, 2006
Film dokumentalny


At the Wailing Wall or in the spotlight of a stage, wearing a Zorro costume or a designer dress, solemn or rollicking: crossing the threshold to the adult world can take place in very different ways. This film accompanies four 12-year-olds as they prepare for their bar or bat mitzvot.

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Zorros Bar Mizwa Reżyseria Ruth Beckermann

Co mówią ludzie?

  • Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Zorros Bar Mizwa

    Efectivamente, una mirada muy irònica a una celebraciòn que busca afianzar las creencias judìas. Lo interesante es que no haya narrador ni explicaciones accesorias màs que aquellas que los portagonistas dan. Similar a los ritos de 1 5 (16 en USA) para las niñas, de muchos latinos, el bar mitzva evidencia la bùsqueda de una transformaciòn forzosa en adolescentes que, a veces, no estàn aun preparados.

  • carf's rating of the film Zorros Bar Mizwa

    Excelente retrato del bar/t y todo su entorno, en Austria, igual exactamente que en cualquier lugar del mundo: los motivos religiosos, históricos, las expectativas familiares, la organización de la fiesta. Muestra tu aldea y mostrarás el mundo. Esta vez se cumplió. Festejé el mío y fue así, organicé muchos y fue así.

  • Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Zorros Bar Mizwa

    For the first hour or so, this is great documentary cinema, displaying an underseen world with nuance and bite. It's hilarious to watch these insanely elaborate preparations (the Zorro kid which has a wicked punchline) but also challenges the regressive gender dynamics of the faith. Sadly, once we actually get to the celebrations, the film loses the spark of what had made it so enjoyable in the first place.

  • Tye-J's rating of the film Zorros Bar Mizwa

    Interesting subject but overall this one was a bit boring to watch through almost 90 minutes. If you're really into learning something about these specific rituals it might be worth a watch but if you're not but start the film with an open mind, you might be disappointed as it's more made like you're observing, but not learning more.

  • zi's rating of the film Zorros Bar Mizwa

    Weird. I had no idea these became so elaborate, and frankly, with so much ego. I see how a well organized and intellectual people with strong community ties can get ahead in the world - and - how others might get pissed off because of that. Orthodox kids doing recitations kind of freaked me out because at that age, you really don't know what you're doing... no real spiritual sensibility, you're just regurgitating.

  • Harrywolf Krstl's rating of the film Zorros Bar Mizwa

    Ich mag die Filme von Ruth Beckermann aber dieser hier ist, wie ich finde, äußerst langweilig und unästhetisch. Gut, er ist sehr intim gedreht und die Kamera ist meistens ein stiller Zeuge des ganz normalen Geschehens, doch das war es dann auch schon. Persönlich kann ich leider nichts von dem Film mitnehmen.

  • Frode Kinserdal's rating of the film Zorros Bar Mizwa

    Very fascinating! There are so many traditions and rituals belonging to the jewish culture and religion. For example, I did not know that people are throwing candy after the bar mitsva so the kids can pick it up, just to make it less formal. Things like that. Also all the traditions when it comes to praying is very interesting to look at.

  • pjmodos's rating of the film Zorros Bar Mizwa

    Although this was not the best documentary I watched from her, it taught me a lot about Jewish customs. I did not know bar/bat mitzvahs can have such lavish celebrations including hotel receptions, dancers, movie recordings or even themes. Children are still children and from what I saw it looked like mostly a showing off opportunity for parents. Overall, I enjoyed watching something so foreign to my culture. Thanks!

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