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330 films This list features all the films, I have seen in 2014 (including re-watches). I may get some dates wrong, but as a wise man once said, “I don’t give a fuck”. Unlisted:- Day in the Life of Josias Coinstar Black Breakfast Glass Celling Desperate Poaching Affray Keystone Kops meet Pickles and Peppers Trolls (2014) To This Day (2013) Rewatches:- For a Few Dollars More Duck, Rabbit, Duck Rabbit Fire Rabbit Seasoning Downfall Casino The Pink Panther Strikes Again The Warriors The Great Train Robbery Citizen Kane Tsotsi Breathless The Haunted Castle 1st January:- Trances:- 4 Stars Anatomy of a Murder:- 5… Czytaj więcej

330 films

This list features all the films, I have seen in 2014 (including re-watches). I may get some dates wrong, but as a wise man once said, “I don’t give a fuck”.

Unlisted:- Day in the Life of Josias
Black Breakfast
Glass Celling
Desperate Poaching Affray
Keystone Kops meet Pickles and Peppers
Trolls (2014)
To This Day (2013)

For a Few Dollars More
Duck, Rabbit, Duck
Rabbit Fire
Rabbit Seasoning
The Pink Panther Strikes Again
The Warriors
The Great Train Robbery
Citizen Kane
The Haunted Castle

1st January:- Trances:- 4 Stars
Anatomy of a Murder:- 5 Stars

2nd January:- Godzilla (1954):- 5 Stars

3rd January:- Berlin Alexanderplatz (1931):- 3 Stars

5th January:-The Fly (1986):- 4.5 Stars

6th January:- American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein:- 4 Stars

7th January:- Tsotsi:- 2 Stars

8th January:- Walker (2012):- 4 Stars
The Big Shave:- 3 Stars

10th January:- La Vida Loca:- 4 Stars

11th January:- The Gospel According to St. Matthew:- 5 Stars

13th January:- 1812:- 3 Stars

14th January:- Twilight (1990):- 5 Stars

15th January:- Voyage To Cythera:- 5 Stars

17th January:- Van Gogh (1966):- 3 Stars

18th January:- Darkness/Light/Darkness:- 4 Stars
Dimensions of Dialogue:- 5 Stars
Another Kind of Love:- 3 Stars
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia:- 5 Stars
Flora:- 3 Stars

19th January:- Bill Hicks: Relentless:- 5 Stars
Auld Lang Syne:- 4.5 Stars

20th January:- Virile Games:- 3 Stars
Fall of the House of Usher(1981):- 4 Stars

22nd January:- Ceddo:- 4 Stars
Django:- 4 Stars
Keoma:- 4 Stars

23rd January:- For a Few Dollars More (Re-watch):- 5 Stars
Life is Sweet:- 5 Stars

24th January:- Je Vous Salue Sarajevo:- 5 Stars

25th January:- Shadows:- 5 Stars

26th January:- The House is Black:- 5 Stars
Pitfall:- 4.5 Stars
The Astronauts:- 4 Stars

31st January:- Statues Also Die:- 4.5 Stars
How much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck:- 3 Stars

1st February:- Umberto D:- 5 Stars

2nd February:- Cry Me a River:- 3 Stars

3rd February:- The Fighting 69th:- 3 Stars

6th February:- The Ventriloquist (2012):- 2 Stars
The Photographic Contortion:- 4 Stars
Talking Heads:- 3.5 Stars

7th February:- Seven Men from Now:- 5 Stars

8th February:-The Great Train Robbery (1903):- 4 Stars
Flunky, Work Hard!:- 4.5 Stars
The Friends of Eddie Coyle:- 4 Stars
Ave Maria (1972):- 5 Stars

9th February:- The Seasons:- 4 Stars
Black and White (1932):- 3 Stars
The Battle of Kerzhenets:- 4 Stars
Meat Love:- 4 Stars

10th February:- A Day In The Life Of Josias:- 3 Stars (Unlisted)
Card Party (1896):- 3 Stars
Card Party (1987):- 4 Stars

11th February:- Once Were Warriors:- 2 Stars
Venice 70 – Future Reloaded: Wang Bing:- 4 Stars
Venice 70 – Future Reloaded: Bernardo Bertolucci:- 2 Stars
Venice 70 – Future Reloaded: Lav Diaz:- 3 Stars
Venice 70 – Future Reloaded: Jia Zhangke:- 4 Stars

12th February:- Touki Bouki:- 4.5 Stars

13th February:- Django Unchained:- 4 Stars

14th February:-Game Over:- 4 Stars
Fresh Guacamole:- 4 Stars
Western Spaghetti:- 4 Stars
Kaboom!:- 3 Stars
Fireworks:- 4 Stars
Fuck Cinema:- 4.5 Stars
The Deep:- 4 Stars

16th February:- The Outlaw Josey Wales:- 5 Stars

17th February:- Les fiancés du pont Mac Donald:- 3 Stars

18th February:- Duck, Rabbit, Duck:- 5 Stars (Re-watch)
Rabbit Fire:- 5 Stars (Re-watch)
Rabbit Seasoning:- 5 Stars (Re-watch)
Wagon Master:- 5 Stars

19th February:- The Return (2003):- 4.5 Stars

21th February:- The Gunfighter (1950):- 4.5 Stars
Husbands (1970):- 5 Stars

22nd February:- Don’t Look Now:- 4.5 Stars

23rd February:- Seven:- 3 Stars

24th February:- The Dark Knight Rises:- 1 Star

25th February:- I graduated, but……..:- 3 Stars
The Ascent (1977):- 4.5 Stars

26th February:- Duck, you sucker:- 4 Stars
Casablanca:- 4.5 Stars

27th February:- Inland Empire:- 4 Stars
The Apartment:- 4 Stars

28th February:- Hokusai:- 4 Stars
The Beekeeper (1986):- 4.75 Stars

1st March:- Venice 70- Future Reloaded: James Franco:- 1 Star
The Naked Spur:- 4.5 Stars

2nd March:- Pre Evolution Soccer’s One-Minute Dance After a Golden Goal in the Master League:- 1 Star
There Was a Father:- 4 Stars

5th March:- Sisters of the Gion:- 4.75 Stars
Amores Perros:- 3 Stars

8th March:- The Missouri Breaks:- 3 Stars

11th March:- Fight Club:- 3 Stars

15th March:- The Hired Hand:- 5 Stars

20th March:- The Horse Thief:- 4.5 Stars
Flame of my Love:- 4.5 Stars

23rd March:- Journey to the West (2014):- 5 Stars

28th March:- God’s Angry Man:- 3 Stars

29th March:- The Gold Rush (1925):- 5 Stars

30th March:- The Peach Thief:- 4.5 Stars

31st March:- Downfall (2004) (Re-watch):- 4 Stars

3rd April:- A Fugitive from the Past:- 4.75 Stars

4th April:- Herakles:- 3 Stars

5th April:- Aguirre, the Wrath of God:- 4.75 Stars

8th April:- Mothlight:- 4 Stars

9th April:- The Long Goodbye:- 5 Stars

11th April:- Dry Summer:- 4 Stars

12th April:- Revenge (1989):- 5 Stars
The Horse (1973):- 2 Stars

13th April:- The Rules of the Game:- 5 Stars

15th April:- The Sun Legend of the End of the Tokugawa Era:- 4.75 Stars

16th April:- Seven Samurai:- 5 Stars

19th April:- The Fog:- 4 Stars

21th April:- Johnny Guitar:- 5 Stars

23rd April:- Stellar:- 4 Stars
Black Ice (1994):- 3 Stars
Une Catastrophe:- 3 Stars

24th April:- Black God, White Devil:- 4.5 Stars

25th April:- A Corner in Wheat:- 5 Stars
Antonio das Mortes:- 4.5 Stars

29th April:- Ice (1970):- 5 Stars

1st May:- The Passenger (1975):- 5 Stars

3rd May:- The Ruined Map (1968):- 3 Stars

4th May:- A Letter to Uncle Boonmee:- 4 Stars
Venice 70 – Future Reloaded: Apichatpong Weerasethakul:- 3 Stars
Mobile Men:- 4 Stars
Cat Listening to Music:- 4.5 Stars
Glass Ceiling (2008):- 2 Stars (Unlisted)
Dangerous Games:- 3 Stars

6th May:- Black Breakfast:- 3 Stars (Unlisted)

7th May:- Goodbye, South, Goodbye:- 4.75 Stars
Moth:- 4.5 Stars
Coinstar:- 4 Stars (Unlisted)
Prank Call:- 3 Stars

9th May:- King of New York:- 5 Stars

10th May:- 3 Godfathers:- 4 Stars

11th May:- Men in Black 3:- 4 Stars

12th May:- Bad Lieutenant:- 4.75 Stars

14th May:- Young Mr Lincoln:- 5 Stars

16th May:- Opening Night:- 4.75 Stars

19th May:- The Killer (1989):- 4 Stars

21st May:- The Iron Horse:- 4 Stars

23rd May:- Shooting Straight:- 4.5 Stars

24th May:- The Funeral:- 4.75 Stars

25th May:- High Plains Drifter:- 4 Stars

27th May:- The Only Son:- 5 Stars

28th May:- La Grand Illusion:- 5 Stars

29th May:- Querelle:- 3 Stars

31th May:- City on Fire:- 4 Stars

3rd June:- The 3 Rs:- 4 Stars
Casino (Re-watch):- 5 Stars
Body Snatchers:- 4.5 Stars

4th June:- Laughing Gravy:- 4.5 Stars

5th June:- Fort Apache:- 5 Stars
Big Business:- 4.5 Stars

6th June:- The Swordsman/Miyamoto Musashi:- 3.5 Stars

10th June:- Punishment Park:- 5 Stars

14th June:- The Whole Shootin’ Match:- 4.5 Stars

19th June:- Vietnam: The Quiet Mutiny:- 4 Stars
The Musketeers of Pig Alley:- 5 Stars

20th June:- Vietnam: Still America’s War:- 4.75 Stars

22nd June:- China 9 Liberty 37:- 4.5 Stars

23rd June:- Dangerous Game (1993):- 5 Stars

24th June:- Mr Nixon’s Secret Legacy:- 4 Stars

25th June:- When Herzog Rescued Phoenix:- 3 Stars

26th June:- Fata Morgana:- 5 Stars

27th June:- Into the Abyss:- 4.5 Stars
13 Assassins (2010):- 4.5 Stars

29th June:- The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada:- 5 Stars

30th June:- They Do Not Exist:- 4.75 Stars

3rd July:- She Wore a Yellow Ribbon:- 5 Stars

4th July:- Magnificent Obsession:- 4 Stars

5th July:- Heat:- 5 Stars
The Pink Panther Strikes Again (Re-watch):- 4 Stars

6th July:- The 47 Ronin (1941):- 5 Stars

7th July:- The Warriors (Re-watch) :- 4 Stars

8th July:- Great Day in the Morning:- 5 Stars

12th July:- Still Life:- 5 Stars

16th July:- Germany Year Zero:- 4.5 Stars

19th July:- Sisters:- 4 Stars

21st July:- Once Upon a Time in Anatolia:- 4 Stars

22nd July:- One Week:- 4 Stars
This Filthy World:- 4 Stars

23rd July:- Convict 13:- 4 Stars

24th July:- Tropical Malady:- 4 Stars

26th July:- Early Summer:- 5 Stars

27th July:- Thirdworld:- 3 Stars

1st August:- Big Trouble in Little China:- 5 Stars

2nd August:- Hercules (2014):- 2 Stars

3rd August:- The Unprecedented Defence of the Fortress Deutschkreuz:- 3 Stars
Last Words:- 2 Stars

4th August:- The Tall T:- 4.75 Stars

5th August:- Decision at Sundown:- 4 Stars

6th August:- Taira Clan Saga:- 4 Stars

7th August:- A Straightforward Boy:- 2 Stars

8th August:- Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice:- 5 Stars
What Did the Lady Forget?:- 4 Stars

10th August:- The Bridges Of Madison County:- 4.5 Stars
3 Bad Men:- 4.75 Stars

16th August:- The Shooting:- 4 Stars
Easy Street:- 5 Stars

17th August:- The Immigrant (1917):- 4.5 Stars

18th August:- Sunrise: Song of Two Humans:- 5 Stars

19th August:- Rio Grande:- 3 Stars

20th August:- A Dedicated Life:- 5 Stars

21st August:- 12 Years a Slave:- 4 Stars

22nd August:- City Lights:- 5 Stars

23rd August:- Pickpocket (1959):-4 Stars

24th August:- Appointment in Honduras:- 4 Stars
Stars In My Crown:- 4.75 Stars

25th August:- The Big Parade:- 5 Stars

28th August:- I Shot Jesse James:- 4 Stars

31st August:- Scarface (1932):- 4 Stars

2nd September:- Cop:- 4.75 Stars

6th September:- The Terrorizers:- 5 Stars

7th September:- Dong:- 4 Stars

9th September:- Welcome to New York:- 4.5 Stars

11th September:- Worldly Desires:- 4 Stars

13th September:- The Goat (1921):- 4.5 Stars

14th September:- Okichi, Mistress of a Foreigner:- 3 Stars

15th September:- The Morning Sun Shines:- 4 Stars

16th September:- Saboteur:- 4 Stars

19th September:- Starred Up:- 4 Stars
Wake in Fright:- 4 Stars

20th September:- The Blade:- 4 Stars

23rd September:- Faust (1926):- 5 Stars

25th September:- Film-Tract No. 1968:- 4 Stars
Only God Forgives:- 3 Stars

27th September:- Buffalo ’66:- 4 Stars
Faust (2011):- 4.5 Stars

28th September:- The Flowers of St.Francis:- 4.5 Stars

29th September:- The Wind that Shakes the Barley:- 3 Stars

30th September:- Day for Night:- 3 Stars

1st October:- Out of the Past:- 4.5 Stars

2nd October:- Nostalghia:- 4.5 Stars

3rd October:- Fred Ott’s Sneeze:- 3 Stars
Arrival of a Train:- 4 Stars
Employees Leaving The Lumière Factory:- 4 Stars
The Photographical Congress Arrives in Lyon:- 3 Stars
Tables Turned on the Gardener:- 3 Stars
Baby’s Dinner:- 2 Stars
Demolition of a Wall:- 4 Stars
A Trip to the Moon:- 4 Stars
The One-Man Band:- 4 Stars
Buy your own Cherries:- 4 Stars
An Extraordinary Cab Accident:- 3 Stars
The ‘?’ Motorist:- 4 Stars
The Kiss in the Tunnel:- 4 Stars
Grandma’s Reading Glass:- 4 Stars
Mary Jane’s Mishap:- 2 Stars
The Sick Kitten:- 3 Stars
Desperate Poaching Affray:- 3 Stars (Un-listed)
Life of an American Fireman:- 4 Stars

4th October:- Red River:- 4 Stars

5th October:- The Taking of Power by Louis XIV:- 4 Stars

6th October:- Le streghe, femmes entre elles:- 4 Stars

7th October:- Une visite au Louvre:- 4 Stars

8th October:- Side by Side (2012):- 3 Stars
The Quiet Man:- 4.5 Stars

9th October:- The Flat:- 4 Stars

10th:- The Great Train Robbery (1903) ( Re-watch):- 4 Stars

12th October:- Yi Yi A One and a Two:- 5 Stars

14th October:- Citizen Kane (Re-watch):- 5 Stars

15th October:- Pickpocket (1997):- 4.5 Stars

17th October:- Birth of a Nation:- 3 Stars

18th October:- Destiny (1921):- 4 Stars

19th October:- Blow-Up:- 4.5 Stars

20th October:- Tsotsi (Re-watch):- 3 Stars
A Man Escaped:- 5 Stars
Moolaade:- 4 Stars

22nd October:- Sallie Gardner at a Gallop:- 4 Stars
Night Music:- 4 Stars
The Unchanging Sea:- 4 Stars

23rd October:- Nosferatu:- 4.5 Stars

24th October:- The Cabinet of Dr Caligari:- 4 Stars

25th October:- Miami Vice (2006):- 4 Stars

26th October:- Empire (2010):- 3 Stars
Cactus River (2010):- 4 Stars

27th October:- Phantoms of Nabua:- 5 Stars

28th October:- Breathless (Re-watch) (1960):- 4 Stars

31st October:- Entr’acte:- 4 Stars
Un Chien Andalou:- 4 Stars
Night of the Demon:- 4 Stars

1st November:- The Blackout:- 4.5 Stars

4th November:- Wings of Desire:- 4 Stars

5th November:- The Naked Dawn:- 4.5 Stars

7th November:- Kuleshov Effect:- 3 Stars

8th November:- Sicilia!:- 4 Stars
Venice 70- Future Reloaded: Jean Marie-Starub:- 3 Stars

11th November:- Rosetta:- 4.5 Stars

13th November:- Comrades:- 5 Stars

14th November:- Keystone Kops meet Pickles and Peppers (Unlisted):- 3 Stars
Modern Times:- 4 Stars

16th November:- Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives:- 5 Stars

18th November:- The Gay Shoe Clerk:- 3 Stars
Letter from an Unknown Woman:- 5 Stars

19th November:- Village of the Damned:- 4 Stars

21st November:- Four Heads Are Better Than One:- 4 Stars

23rd November:- La Libertad:- 5 Stars

24th November:- Close-up (1990):- 4.5 Stars

25th November:- Meshes of the Afternoon:- 4.5 Stars
Venice 70: Future Reloaded: Abbas Kiarostami:- 4 Stars
Two Solutions for One Problem:- 3 Stars

26th November:- Nightcrawler (2014):- 3 Stars

27th November:- Rejected:- 4 Stars
Trolls:- 4 Stars (Un-listed)
To This Day:- 4 Days (Un-listed)

28th November:- Norte, the End of History:- 4.5 Stars

3rd December:- The Harder They Come:- 4 Stars

4th December:- Sherlock Jr.:- 5 Stars

5th December:- The Haunted Castle (Re-watch) (1896):- 4 Stars
The Unknown:- 4 Stars

7th December:- Taris:- 4 Stars

8th December:- A Propos De Nice:- 4 Stars

9th December:- Zero Conduct:- .4 Stars

11th December:- L’Atalante:- 5 Stars

12th December:- The Artist:- 4 Stars
The Homesman:- 5 Stars

13th December:- Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug:- 3 Stars

17th December:- Carlos (2010):- 4 Stars

25th December:- Dressed to Kill:- 4 Stars

27th December:- Way of a Gaucho:- 5 Stars

28th December:- Platform (2000):- 5 Stars

29th December:- The General:- 4.75 Stars

30th December:- Sleep Furiously:- 4 Stars
Thief (1981):- 4 Stars

31st December:- A Brighter Summer Day:- 5 Stars

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