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The Day He Arrives

Book chon bang hyang

Reżyseria Hong Sang-soo
Korea Południowa, 2011
  • koreański
  • angielski


A film director who no longer makes films, Seongjun arrives in Seoul to meet a close friend. When the friend doesn’t show up, Seongjun wanders the city aimlessly for three days, grabbing drinks and meeting women, with each day playing out like a version of the last.

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South Korea’s Hong Sang-soo won the Golden Leopard at Locarno for this deceptively simple romantic mind-bender: Rohmer-meets-Charlie Kaufman in a most inventive, witty, and tragicomic time-warp scenario. Read more.

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Hong abstracts the tense network of fragile relationships to crisp, briskly sketched lines that he adorns with bubbly and self-deprecating humor as well as graceful wonders (including some of the most heartbreaking snowflakes in recent cinema). In Hong’s ardent view, tenderness, nostalgia, joy, and the promise of creation are the rewards of wide-eyed bewilderment: the adventures and misadventures of an idle filmmaker are nothing if not a script on the wing.
May 27, 2016
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If ever a movie warranted a video essay to help break it down, this is the film, because so much of what makes it so beguiling is bound to pass over one’s head, at least upon an initial viewing, as was my experience. Much of the film’s delights come from a sense of disorientation, as moments seem to recur again and again, though in slight variations from one to the next, leading one to continually ask, "Didn’t I see that before?
March 21, 2013
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“I saw my limits,” says Sungjoon of his retreat from active life. “It’s the same thing as finding yourself.” Something similar could be said of Hong’s filmmaking—the specificity of his subject matter gives his seemingly inconsequential films an unaccountable power.
April 18, 2012
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