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Double Bill: Comedies by Sophie Letourneur

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With amateurish and self-deprecatory playfulness, Sophie Letourneur’s films direct their cameras to the everyday lives of young, unashamed women who talk loudly about their sex life, their underwear or their periods. However goofy her characters can seem, Letourneur has however experimented in every film with form and writing to create highly precise works, which somehow remain impressively naturalistic. Fresh off the world premiere of her new film, Enormous, at Rotterdam, we’re excited to present Letourneur’s last two films, Les coquillettes and Gaby Baby Doll. An unforgiving and refreshing auteurial voice in the contemporary film landscape, Letourneur provides a de-glamorized, hence more realistic, portrait of the female experience, through a panoply of exasperating yet exhilarating heroines.

Les coquillettes

Sophie Letourneur Francja, 2012

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13 dni na obejrzenie
Double Bill: Comedies
by Sophie Letourneur

First in our double bill of comedies by Sophie Letourneur is this delightful gem featuring Louis Garrel! Shot during the Locarno Film Festival, this comedy follows three unashamed women more interested in potential flings than high-brow flicks, portrayed with refreshing candor and wit.

Gaby Baby Doll

Sophie Letourneur Francja, 2014

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14 dni na obejrzenie
Double Bill: Comedies
by Sophie Letourneur

We conclude our double bill of writer-director-actor Sophie Letourneur and her female-led audacities with Gaby Baby Doll. A slapstick comedy and gentle romance at once, this hard-learned lesson in solitude stars Lolita Chammah (Isabelle Huppert’s daughter!) and singer Benjamin Biolay.

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Każdego dnia starannie wybieramy nowy, wspaniały film, a Ty masz cały miesiąc, aby go obejrzeć. Tak więc codziennie oferujemy 30 idealnie dobranych tytułów.