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Guadalajara International Film Festival

  1. Josep


  2. No Hard Feelings
    Jury Prize (Premio Maguey)

    No Hard Feelings

  3. The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

    The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

  4. The Painter and the Thief

    The Painter and the Thief

  5. One in a Thousand

    One in a Thousand

  6. La fortaleza

    La fortaleza

  7. Mucho Mucho Amor

    Mucho Mucho Amor

  8. Dry Wind

    Dry Wind

  9. Karnawal


  10. My Tender Matador

    My Tender Matador

  11. Things We Dare Not Do

    Things We Dare Not Do

  12. The Ghosts

    The Ghosts

  13. Light Blue

    Light Blue

  14. The Night Flowers

    The Night Flowers

  15. A la cabeza

    A la cabeza

  16. Tragic Jungle

    Tragic Jungle

  17. To See You Again

    To See You Again

  18. Kokoloko
    Best Mexican Film


  19. Isaac


  20. Cocoon


  21. Young Hunter

    Young Hunter

  22. Escape from Pretoria

    Escape from Pretoria

  23. Mama Weed

    Mama Weed

  24. Ánima


  25. A Dog Called Money

    A Dog Called Money

  26. Monos


  27. The Cordillera of Dreams

    The Cordillera of Dreams

  28. La llorona

    La llorona

  29. Flesh
    Menção Especial


  30. Port Authority
    Premio Maguey Best Film

    Port Authority

  31. Moffie


  32. In a Whisper

    In a Whisper

  33. Los lobos

    Los lobos

  34. Mezquite's Heart

    Mezquite's Heart

  35. A Thief's Daughter

    A Thief's Daughter

  36. I Bleed

    I Bleed

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