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AFI Fest

  1. A Trama

    A Trama

  2. The Insult
    Audience Award - World Cinema

    The Insult

  3. Ciganos da Ciambra

    Ciganos da Ciambra

  4. Milla


  5. The Endless

    The Endless

  6. Filmworker


  7. The Burden
    Grand Jury Award for Animated Short

    The Burden

  8. Mary and the Witch's Flower

    Mary and the Witch's Flower

  9. Newton


  10. Mrs. Hyde

    Mrs. Hyde

  11. What Will People Say
  12. April’s Daughter

    April’s Daughter

  13. Bodied
  14. After School Knife Fight

    After School Knife Fight

  15. A Gentle Night

    A Gentle Night

  16. Edge of Alchemy

    Edge of Alchemy

  17. Life and Nothing More

    Life and Nothing More

  18. Mr. Roosevelt

    Mr. Roosevelt

  19. Silica
    Special Jury Mention


  20. Gaze
    Grand Jury Award for Live Action Short


  21. Copa-Loca


  22. Hannah


  23. Roman J Israel, Esq.

    Roman J Israel, Esq.

  24. Hochelaga, Land of Souls

    Hochelaga, Land of Souls

  25. V.I.P.


  26. Sammy Davis, Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me

    Sammy Davis, Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me

  27. Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt

    Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt

  28. Great Choice

    Great Choice

  29. A Season in France

    A Season in France

  30. The Tesla World Light

    The Tesla World Light

  31. Hot Dog Hands

    Hot Dog Hands

  32. Balloonfest


  33. Fits and Starts

    Fits and Starts

  34. The Leisure Seeker

    The Leisure Seeker

  35. Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

    Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

  36. Deerbrook