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Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente

  1. Closed Curtain

    Closed Curtain

  2. The Parrot and the Swan
    Menção Especial: Argentinian Official Selection

    The Parrot and the Swan

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  3. Vic+Flo Viram um Urso

    Vic+Flo Viram um Urso

  4. I Used to Be Darker
    Best Director (International Competition)

    I Used to Be Darker

  5. Soft in the Head

    Soft in the Head

  6. La paz
  7. Hawaii


  8. Night


  9. P3ND3JO5
    Best Director (Argentinian Competition)


  10. So Much Water

    So Much Water

  11. The Wishful Thinkers
    Best Actor (International Competition)

    The Wishful Thinkers

  12. Dark Matter
    Human Rights Award

    Dark Matter

  13. Gold


  14. Metamorphosen
    Menção Especial: ADF Cinematography Award


  15. You Make Me Feel So Young

    You Make Me Feel So Young

  16. Além do Arco-Íris

    Além do Arco-Íris

  17. Much Better Than You
    FEISAL Award

    Much Better Than You

  18. Landscape


  19. The Great Pretender

    The Great Pretender

  20. Menção Especial: Best Picture

    Truth or Dare

  21. Ricardo Bär

    Ricardo Bär

  22. Anina
    Audience Award (International Official Selection)


  23. Marina Abramovic: A Artista Está Presente

    Marina Abramovic: A Artista Está Presente

  24. Leviathan


  25. O Som ao Redor

    O Som ao Redor

  26. In Another Country

    In Another Country

  27. Museum Hours

    Museum Hours

  28. Berberian Sound Studio

    Berberian Sound Studio

  29. Três Irmãs

    Três Irmãs

  30. The End of Time

    The End of Time

  31. Starlet


  32. More Than Honey

    More Than Honey

  33. Depois de Maio

    Depois de Maio

  34. Elena


  35. Mekong Hotel

    Mekong Hotel

  36. A Hijacking

    A Hijacking

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