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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Terra Incognita

    Terra Incognita

  2. Apartment #5C

    Apartment #5C

  3. Mischka
    French Cineaste of the Year


  4. Otello


  5. Rachida


  6. The Clay Bird
    FIPRESCI Prize

    The Clay Bird

  7. Seaside
    Golden Camera


  8. Marie-Jo and Her 2 Lovers

    Marie-Jo and Her 2 Lovers

  9. Shearing


  10. Marie's Sons

    Marie's Sons

  11. Play with Me

    Play with Me

  12. Portraits filmés

    Portraits filmés

  13. The Good Old Naughty Days

    The Good Old Naughty Days

  14. Mémoires incertaines

    Mémoires incertaines

  15. 17 Minutes Late

    17 Minutes Late

  16. The Stone of Folly
    2º Lugar: Best Short Film

    The Stone of Folly

  17. After Rain
    Palme d'Or - Best Short Film

    After Rain

  18. Daughter


  19. For the Time Being

    For the Time Being

  20. Holding Your Breath

    Holding Your Breath

  21. K-G for Better or for Worse
    2º Lugar: Cinefondation Award

    K-G for Better or for Worse

  22. 200 Dirhams

    200 Dirhams

  23. Bemani


  24. A Piece of Sky

    A Piece of Sky

  25. Purely Coincidental

    Purely Coincidental

  26. Double Vision

    Double Vision

  27. Land of the Singing Dog

    Land of the Singing Dog

  28. Only the Strong Survive

    Only the Strong Survive

  29. Hypnotized and Hysterical (Hairstylist Wanted)
    Grand Golden Rail

    Hypnotized and Hysterical (Hairstylist Wanted)

  30. Carlo Giuliani, Boy

    Carlo Giuliani, Boy

  31. All for One

    All for One

  32. Ingmar Bergman: Intermezzo

    Ingmar Bergman: Intermezzo

  33. Angela


  34. Too Young to Die

    Too Young to Die

  35. Dream Work

    Dream Work

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  36. Fate