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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Faça a Coisa Certa

    Faça a Coisa Certa

  2. O Sétimo Continente

    O Sétimo Continente

  3. Trem Mistério
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Trem Mistério

  4. Santa sangre

    Santa sangre

  5. sex, lies and videotape

    sex, lies and videotape

  6. Sweetie


  7. Black Rain
  8. O Meu Século XX
    Golden Camera

    O Meu Século XX

  9. Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?

    Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?

  10. Histórias de Nova Iorque

    Histórias de Nova Iorque

  11. Monsieur Hire

    Monsieur Hire

  12. Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink

  13. Jesus of Montreal

    Jesus of Montreal

  14. Sidewalk Stories

    Sidewalk Stories

  15. City Zero

    City Zero

  16. Speaking Parts

    Speaking Parts

  17. Black Sin

    Black Sin

  18. Yaaba
  19. Too Beautiful for You
    Grand Prize of the Jury

    Too Beautiful for You

  20. Moon Child

    Moon Child

  21. Splendor


  22. Francesco


  23. Melancholia


  24. Thick Skinned

    Thick Skinned

  25. Reunion


  26. The Spider's Web

    The Spider's Web

  27. Waller's Last Trip
    Menção Especial: Golden Camera

    Waller's Last Trip

  28. Torrents of Spring

    Torrents of Spring

  29. An Enemy of the People

    An Enemy of the People

  30. Scandal


  31. The Three Soldiers

    The Three Soldiers

  32. Innocent Victim

    Innocent Victim

  33. Ce qui me meut

    Ce qui me meut

  34. Streets of Yesterday

    Streets of Yesterday

  35. Montalvo and the Child

  36. Manika, the Girl Who Lived Twice

    Manika, the Girl Who Lived Twice

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