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Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

  1. Precious


  2. Love Hurts
    Menção Especial: Student Jury (National Competition)

    Love Hurts

  3. Store Policy

    Store Policy

  4. Desert Dogs

    Desert Dogs

  5. Bethlehem 2001

    Bethlehem 2001

  6. Maalbeek
  7. Homeless Home

    Homeless Home

  8. Empty Places

    Empty Places

  9. Beyond Is the Day
    European Film Awards Candidate (International Competition)

    Beyond Is the Day

  10. Just a Guy

    Just a Guy

  11. Mat and Her Mates
  12. Workshop


  13. Closing the Distance

    Closing the Distance

  14. Self Scratch

    Self Scratch

  15. Lewis


  16. The Great Night

    The Great Night

  17. On My Way

    On My Way

  18. Tattooed


  19. Aquariens


  20. États d'arme

    États d'arme

  21. S.O.S.


  22. Prenez Soin de Vous

    Prenez Soin de Vous

  23. A Current

    A Current

  24. Concatenation 2: Olympic Game

    Concatenation 2: Olympic Game

  25. Concatenation


  26. A Stone in the Shoe

    A Stone in the Shoe

  27. Treasure


  28. Symphonie en Bêêêêê (Majeur)

    Symphonie en Bêêêêê (Majeur)

  29. On the Dune

    On the Dune

  30. Sur la colline

    Sur la colline

  31. The Sleeping Prince

    The Sleeping Prince

  32. Firefighter


  33. The Bear Who Swallowed a Fly

    The Bear Who Swallowed a Fly

  34. Migrants


  35. The Little Hedgehog

    The Little Hedgehog

  36. Kiko and the Animals

    Kiko and the Animals