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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Notre dame

    Notre dame

  2. Ham on Rye

    Ham on Rye

  3. Last Night I Saw You Smiling

    Last Night I Saw You Smiling

  4. Still Working

    Still Working

  5. Volcano: What Does a Lake Dream?

    Volcano: What Does a Lake Dream?

  6. Aline


  7. Our Territory

    Our Territory

  8. The Girl with a Bracelet

    The Girl with a Bracelet

  9. Instinct
  10. Camille
    Audience Award


  11. Sapphire Crystal

    Sapphire Crystal

  12. On an Island

    On an Island

  13. Wilcox


  14. Kasiterit


  15. The Holy Family

    The Holy Family

  16. Vagenda Stories

    Vagenda Stories

  17. The Giverny Document
    Moving Ahead Award

    The Giverny Document

  18. Adoration


  19. (tourism studies)

    (tourism studies)

  20. Oroslan


  21. Love Me Tender

    Love Me Tender

  22. The Young Observant

    The Young Observant

  23. Technoboss


  24. South Terminal

    South Terminal

  25. O Fim do Mundo

    O Fim do Mundo

  26. During Revolution
    Menção Especial: First Feature

    During Revolution

  27. Twelve Thousand

    Twelve Thousand

  28. The Nest

    The Nest

  29. Height of the Wave
    Special Jury Prize

    Height of the Wave

  30. Lovemobil


  31. Madame


  32. Where We Belong

    Where We Belong

  33. Paola Makes a Wish

    Paola Makes a Wish

  34. The Space Machine

    The Space Machine

  35. A Letter

    A Letter

  36. At the Pool

    At the Pool