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Magritte Awards

  1. A Tartaruga Vermelha
  2. Elle
  3. Baden Baden
  4. Na Cama com Victoria
    Best Actress

    Na Cama com Victoria

  5. A Economia do Amor

    A Economia do Amor

  6. A Dançarina

    A Dançarina

  7. Belgica
    Best Flemish Film


  8. The Land of the Enlightened

    The Land of the Enlightened

  9. Death by Death

    Death by Death

  10. Eternité


  11. The First, the Last

    The First, the Last

  12. Road to Istanbul
    Best Actress

    Road to Istanbul

  13. Mirage of Love

    Mirage of Love

  14. Man Overboard

    Man Overboard

  15. Totems


  16. Odd Job

    Odd Job

  17. Evolution


  18. Assim que Abro meus Olhos

    Assim que Abro meus Olhos

  19. Keeper
  20. Black
  21. Problemski Hotel

    Problemski Hotel

  22. Cowboys


  23. I Am a Soldier

    I Am a Soldier

  24. Rising Voices

    Rising Voices

  25. Nous quatre

    Nous quatre

  26. Jailbirds


  27. Parasol