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Magritte Awards

  1. Girl
  2. Na Delegacia

    Na Delegacia

  3. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
    Best Foreign Film in Coproduction

    The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

  4. Lady J

    Lady J

  5. Our Struggles

    Our Struggles

  6. A Sister

    A Sister

  7. I Feel Good

    I Feel Good

  8. The Happy Prince

    The Happy Prince

  9. Manu
  10. Holy Tour

    Holy Tour

  11. Angel


  12. Castle to Castle

    Castle to Castle

  13. When Arabs Danced
    Best Original Score

    When Arabs Danced

  14. Cowboys and Indians: the Cinema of Patar and Aubier

    Cowboys and Indians: the Cinema of Patar and Aubier

  15. Not Today

    Not Today

  16. The Horn Quartet

    The Horn Quartet

  17. The Proposal
    Best Animated Short Film

    The Proposal

  18. Mitra


  19. Dany
  20. Stand-Up Girl!

    Stand-Up Girl!

  21. Gangsta


  22. Don't Shoot

    Don't Shoot

  23. Os Garotos Selvagens

    Os Garotos Selvagens

  24. Nem Juíza, nem Submissa
    Best Documentary Film

    Nem Juíza, nem Submissa

  25. The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin

  26. Cadáveres Bronzeados

    Cadáveres Bronzeados

  27. Nico, 1988

    Nico, 1988

  28. Bitter Flowers

    Bitter Flowers

  29. The Royal Exchange
    Most Promising Actor

    The Royal Exchange

  30. Above the Law

    Above the Law

  31. Icarus
    Best Live Action Short Film


  32. Simbiosis Carnal

    Simbiosis Carnal

  33. The Benefit of the Doubt

    The Benefit of the Doubt

  34. The Faithful Son

    The Faithful Son

  35. Calamity


  36. Bye Bye Germany

    Bye Bye Germany