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Academy Awards

  1. Blossoms in the Dust
  2. Blues in the Night

    Blues in the Night

  3. So Ends Our Night

    So Ends Our Night

  4. Warclouds in the Pacific

    Warclouds in the Pacific

  5. Adventure in the Bronx

  6. Life of a Thoroughbred

  7. Ice-Capades


  8. Main Street on the March!
    Best Short Subject, Two-reel

    Main Street on the March!

  9. Birth of the Blues

    Birth of the Blues

  10. Mercy Island

  11. Army Champions

  12. A Letter from Home

  13. This Woman Is Mine

    This Woman Is Mine

  14. Russian Soil

  15. Norway in Revolt

  16. Honorary Award

    'Kukan': The Battle Cry of China

  17. Alive in the Deep

  18. Sagebrush and Silver

  19. Soldiers of the Sky

  20. How War Came

    How War Came

  21. Tanks a Million

    Tanks a Million

  22. The Chocolate Soldier

    The Chocolate Soldier

  23. The Devil Pays Off

    The Devil Pays Off

  24. Las Vegas Nights

    Las Vegas Nights

  25. Bomber

  26. Tall, Dark and Handsome

    Tall, Dark and Handsome

  27. Kings of the Turf

  28. The Rookie Bear

    The Rookie Bear

  29. Aloma of the South Seas

    Aloma of the South Seas

  30. Forty Boys and a Song

  31. The Tanks Are Coming

  32. Speaking of Animals Down on the Farm

    Speaking of Animals Down on the Farm

  33. Sunny


  34. Rhythm in the Ranks

    Rhythm in the Ranks

  35. A Place to Live

  36. Forbidden Passage

    Forbidden Passage