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Academy Awards

  1. Bombalera

  2. Dog, Cat, and Canary

    Dog, Cat, and Canary

  3. Pacto de Sangue

    Pacto de Sangue

  4. Laura
  5. Meet Me in St. Louis

    Meet Me in St. Louis

  6. Gaslight
  7. Lifeboat


  8. Going My Way

    Going My Way

  9. Jammin' the Blues

    Jammin' the Blues

  10. Hail the Conquering Hero

    Hail the Conquering Hero

  11. The Uninvited

    The Uninvited

  12. It Happened Tomorrow

    It Happened Tomorrow

  13. Mouse Trouble
    Best Short Subject, Cartoons

    Mouse Trouble

  14. Mr. Skeffington

    Mr. Skeffington

  15. Modelos
  16. Since You Went Away
  17. None Shall Escape

    None Shall Escape

  18. How to Play Football

    How to Play Football

  19. Christmas Holiday

    Christmas Holiday

  20. Summer Storm

    Summer Storm

  21. The Story of Dr. Wassell

    The Story of Dr. Wassell

  22. Swooner Crooner

    Swooner Crooner

  23. Days of Glory

    Days of Glory

  24. The Seventh Cross

    The Seventh Cross

  25. Wilson
  26. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

    Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

  27. Address Unknown

    Address Unknown

  28. The Princess and the Pirate

    The Princess and the Pirate

  29. Voice in the Wind

    Voice in the Wind

  30. Casanova Brown

    Casanova Brown

  31. Hollywood Canteen

    Hollywood Canteen

  32. Up in Mabel's Room

    Up in Mabel's Room

  33. Mrs. Parkington

    Mrs. Parkington

  34. Home in Indiana

    Home in Indiana

  35. Kismet


  36. The Adventures of Mark Twain

    The Adventures of Mark Twain