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Reykjavik International Film Festival

  1. Rocknrollers


  2. Soul Cry

    Soul Cry

  3. Storm Room

    Storm Room

  4. Stg


  5. Tipp Topp

    Tipp Topp

  6. Flying Rats

    Flying Rats

  7. Flood


  8. Impressions


  9. My Father From Sirius

    My Father From Sirius

  10. Under Two Skies

    Under Two Skies

  11. Kaissi-U’lljan-Mä’rjj-U’lljan – Heidi Gauriloff

    Kaissi-U’lljan-Mä’rjj-U’lljan – Heidi Gauriloff

  12. 13+


  13. We Love Moses

    We Love Moses

  14. Sore Eyes for Infinity

    Sore Eyes for Infinity

  15. Vill mark

    Vill mark

  16. Circular Inscription

    Circular Inscription

  17. I Was Only 14

    I Was Only 14

  18. Every Other Couple

    Every Other Couple

  19. The Girl Down Loch Änzi

    The Girl Down Loch Änzi

  20. Amateurs in Space

    Amateurs in Space

  21. Sealers: One Last Hunt
    Menção Especial: A Different Tomorrow Prize

    Sealers: One Last Hunt

  22. Sabaku


  23. Volcanoisland


  24. Playground


  25. Palabras de Caramelo

    Palabras de Caramelo

  26. Before the Flight

    Before the Flight

  27. Delicate Balance

    Delicate Balance

  28. Ain't Got No Fear

    Ain't Got No Fear

  29. Exodus Where I Come from Is Disappearing

    Exodus Where I Come from Is Disappearing

  30. The Bridge Over the River

    The Bridge Over the River

  31. The Entrails

    The Entrails

  32. Hold On
    Golden Egg

    Hold On

  33. Under an Arctic Sky

    Under an Arctic Sky

  34. Balcony


  35. Northern Great Mountain

    Northern Great Mountain

  36. Akouo