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Riga International Film Festival

  1. It's Not Silence

    It's Not Silence

  2. City Dreamers

    City Dreamers

  3. Sune vs. Sune

    Sune vs. Sune

  4. The Committee

    The Committee

  5. How Shammies Built a House

    How Shammies Built a House

  6. How Shammies Tidied Up

    How Shammies Tidied Up

  7. How Shammies Were Getting Married

    How Shammies Were Getting Married

  8. Subtotal


  9. A Simpler Life

    A Simpler Life

  10. Premature


  11. Passion


  12. The Cremator

    The Cremator

  13. The Uninvited Guest

    The Uninvited Guest

  14. O Baile dos Bombeiros

    O Baile dos Bombeiros

  15. Intimate Lighting

    Intimate Lighting

  16. Noites de Diamantes

    Noites de Diamantes

  17. Casais Amorosos

    Casais Amorosos

  18. Joseph Kilian

    Joseph Kilian

  19. The Girl in Tails

    The Girl in Tails

  20. Where Is the Truth?

    Where Is the Truth?