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Sarajevo Film Festival

  1. Menashe


  2. Mr. Gay Syria
    Human Rights Award

    Mr. Gay Syria

  3. Men Don't Cry
    Young Audience Award

    Men Don't Cry

  4. Avec l'amour

    Avec l'amour

  5. Copa-Loca
    Menção Especial


  6. Tokyo Idols

    Tokyo Idols

  7. 1000 Smiles Per Hour

    1000 Smiles Per Hour

  8. Great Wall of China

    Great Wall of China

  9. Investigations of a Dog

    Investigations of a Dog

  10. Unbuilt Light

    Unbuilt Light

  11. When Pigs Come
    The European Documentary Network - Talent Grant

    When Pigs Come

  12. Until the Birds Return

    Until the Birds Return

  13. Son of Sofia
    CICAE Award

    Son of Sofia

  14. In a Nutshell

    In a Nutshell

  15. When the Day Had no Name

    When the Day Had no Name

  16. If I Think of Germany at Night

    If I Think of Germany at Night

  17. After Dawn

    After Dawn

  18. White Road

    White Road

  19. Nostalgia


  20. Dead Fish

    Dead Fish

  21. To Outlive a Turtle
    Best B&H Student Film Award

    To Outlive a Turtle

  22. Winter Sun
    Menção Especial

    Winter Sun

  23. Life Lasts Three Days

    Life Lasts Three Days

  24. Clean
  25. The Books of Knjige: Cases of Justice

    The Books of Knjige: Cases of Justice

  26. Agape


  27. The Frog
    Audience Award - Best Feature Film

    The Frog

  28. Wannabe


  29. Serving God

    Serving God

  30. Mathias


  31. The Perfect Order

    The Perfect Order

  32. Happiness


  33. Come by Chance

    Come by Chance

  34. Undercovered


  35. Home
    Menção Especial


  36. Birds Like Us

    Birds Like Us