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Seville European Film Festival

  1. The Tower

    The Tower

  2. In My Room

    In My Room

  3. I diari di Angela - Noi due cineasti

    I diari di Angela - Noi due cineasti

  4. The Summer House

    The Summer House

  5. Roi Soleil

    Roi Soleil

  6. All Good

    All Good

  7. Amin


  8. I See Red People

    I See Red People

  9. The Tree

    The Tree

  10. You Have the Night

    You Have the Night

  11. Young and Alive

    Young and Alive

  12. Samouni Road
    New Waves Section Special Prize

    Samouni Road

  13. The Happy Prince

    The Happy Prince

  14. The Hidden City
    Best Cinematography

    The Hidden City

  15. Some Time Later

    Some Time Later

  16. Notes for a Heist Film

    Notes for a Heist Film

  17. Dying to Tell

    Dying to Tell

  18. Between Two Waters

    Between Two Waters

  19. Happy Lamento

    Happy Lamento

  20. Joy
    Best Actress


  21. Chaos


  22. Two for Joy

    Two for Joy

  23. Jumpman


  24. A Violent Desire for Joy
    Best Film of the Resistances Official Competition

    A Violent Desire for Joy

  25. Euphoria


  26. Obey


  27. When the Trees Fall

    When the Trees Fall

  28. The Wandering Star
    DELUXE Prize New Waves Non-Fiction

    The Wandering Star

  29. Anna's War

    Anna's War

  30. The Houses That We Have Left

    The Houses That We Have Left

  31. Sheep Reels 1-7

    Sheep Reels 1-7

  32. Cazatalentos
    Special Rosario Valpuesta Award for Artistic Category


  33. Todos los caminos

    Todos los caminos

  34. Los Pilares

    Los Pilares

  35. El Rey

    El Rey

  36. The Journey to Kyoto

    The Journey to Kyoto