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Sydney Film Festival

  1. Lost Property Office

    Lost Property Office

  2. Brown Lips

    Brown Lips

  3. A Birthday Party

    A Birthday Party

  4. Rip Tide

    Rip Tide

  5. The Pink House
    Documentary Foundation Australia Award

    The Pink House

  6. My Year with Helen

    My Year with Helen

  7. The Last Goldfish

    The Last Goldfish

  8. In My Own Words

    In My Own Words

  9. Hope Road

    Hope Road

  10. The Go-Betweens: Right Here

    The Go-Betweens: Right Here

  11. Defiant Lives

    Defiant Lives

  12. Connection to Country

    Connection to Country

  13. Chauka Please Tell Us the Time

    Chauka Please Tell Us the Time

  14. Blue


  15. Australia Day

    Australia Day

  16. That's Not Me

    That's Not Me

  17. Ellipsis


  18. Roller Dreams
    Best Documentary

    Roller Dreams

  19. OtherLife


  20. Red Ink

    Red Ink

  21. PACmen


  22. Outbreak Generation

    Outbreak Generation

  23. How the Light Gets In

    How the Light Gets In

  24. Lust For Sight

    Lust For Sight

  25. Sea Sorrow

    Sea Sorrow

  26. Napalm


  27. A Modern Man

    A Modern Man

  28. Elián


  29. Ice Mother

    Ice Mother

  30. Holy Air

    Holy Air

  31. Barbecue


  32. Smashed


  33. Madame


  34. White Riot: London

    White Riot: London

  35. Winnie


  36. Game of Death

    Game of Death