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Venice Film Festival

  1. Robinù
    Menção Especial: Human Rights Film Network Award


  2. Assault to the Sky

    Assault to the Sky

  3. Because I Am a Genius! Lorenza Mazzetti

    Because I Am a Genius! Lorenza Mazzetti

  4. The War Within

    The War Within

  5. Atlas 1783

    Atlas 1783

  6. The Lost Voice
    Venice Horizons Award - Best Short Film

    The Lost Voice

  7. Ruah


  8. Colombi


  9. Are We Not Cats

    Are We Not Cats

  10. The Blind Christ

    The Blind Christ

  11. Vangelo


  12. The Bleeder

    The Bleeder

  13. Arianna
    Best Italian Discovery


  14. The Family

    The Family

  15. As Noites de Zayandeh-Rood

    As Noites de Zayandeh-Rood

  16. Stalker


  17. Legend of the Mountain

    Legend of the Mountain

  18. Break Up

    Break Up

  19. The Brat

    The Brat