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A Regular Woman

Nur eine Frau

Dirigido por Sherry Hormann
Alemanha, 2019


Hatun Sürücü was shot dead by her own brothers at a bus stop in Berlin on February 7, 2005. Her Kurdish family opposed her Western lifestyle. The subsequent trial garnered an unprecedented level of attention.

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A Regular Woman Dirigido por Sherry Hormann

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  • Supamodu's rating of the film A Regular Woman

    While it’s easy to argue that we can never know for sure why Aynur behaved the way she did, or how she felt about things, tonally the characterization is flawless, unflinching and void of unnecessary dramatization that so often occurs in projects with a similar thesis. It was hard to watch, a choking feeling of doom permeating the experience, but ultimately ended on a hopeful note.

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