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April and the Extraordinary World

Avril et le monde truqué

França, Bélgica, 2015
Animação, Aventura, Comédia


In 1941, several scholars and scientists mysteriously disappear, depriving mankind of their significant capabilities as inventors. Avril, a teenage girl, Darwin, her talking cat, Pops, her grandfather, and Julius, a young scoundrel and police informer, go off in search of Avril’s parents.

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April and the Extraordinary World Dirigido por Christian Desmares, Franck Ekinci
April, the daughter and granddaughter of scientists seeking a serum for everlasting life, makes for a winsome heroine, and the movie—equal parts Jules Verne, The Adventures of Tintin, and Inspector Gadget—should appeal to precocious children, especially little girls interested in the sciences. Adults may find it as derivative and simplistic as the steampunk aesthetic to which it’s indebted, but for a gateway to more resonant cinema and literature, you could do worse.
May 05, 2016
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Who says they don’t make mind-bending French science-fiction animated movies like they used to? Well, very few people, if any, I reckon. But the thought — or something similar to it — crossed my mind while watching “April and the Extraordinary World,” a beautiful, inventive and uncannily satisfying new example of animated sci-fi from, yes, France.
March 24, 2016
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The ecological changes wrought on the world’s ecosystems by the pollution unleashed by the Industrial Revolution led to our current epoch of massive geological and climate change. By proposing how much worse the damage could have been without the advent of modern technology, the film provocatively has audiences see the world’s current ecological concerns in a different and unexpected light.
March 21, 2016
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