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Avaliações e Críticas

  1. Pok's rating of the film A Violent Life

    3.5 The best way to radicalize youth? Throw them into prison next to actual radicals, that'll do the job. No matter how pure their intentions, when a group decides to take a life to show how committed they are to the cause, all their lives (and of those around them) are forfeit. Violence has a way to take over, it has a life of its own and, once unleashed, will become chaos until there's nothing left standing.

  2. Mitch's rating of the film A Violent Life

    A detailed look how a life that looks right can end up so wrong. Slightly distancing but full of details of Corsica at the time.

  3. Whitney Augustin's rating of the film A Violent Life

    The film started of a little slow and confusing for me but It was very engaging. You get a look into the perspective of the radical group and get a messy look into how rebellions operate. The movie definitely lived up to the title with its gruesome scenes. The director does an amazing job at Stephane’s character development, he goes from a normal boy to this tactful violent man.

  4. lesminho's rating of the film A Violent Life

  5. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film A Violent Life

    DE PERETTI fait un cinéma sincère avant tout. Il nous fait découvrir la complexité de la société corse, abordant identité, économie, racket, relation avec Paris. Explorant ce qui du passé hante le présent, l’histoire d’une génération == DE PERETTI makes a sincere cinema first & foremost. We discover the complexity of Corsican society, issues of identity, economy, racket, relationship with Paris. Story of a generation

  6. pirri's rating of the film A Violent Life

  7. Huey McEvoy's rating of the film A Violent Life

    (Cannes 2017) Despite three standouts scenes, this attempt to dissect why young Corsican men are drawn into gang violence under revolutionary pretenses is lifeless, thin and frankly quite dull. During a voiceover, Stéphane talks of his 'passion for rage', yet at no point does he bother showing it.

  8. Ma-rewind's rating of the film A Violent Life

    Un sujet rarement abordé,et pour une fois, abordé sans tomber dans la caricature.