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Dirigido por Yorgos Lanthimos
Grécia, 2011


The Alps is a secret society including a nurse, a gym coach, a gymnast and a paramedic. They offer a unique service: the recently bereaved can hire them to act as surrogates for the deceased loved ones—wearing their clothes, adopting their mannerisms, etc.—in order to help them adjust to their loss.

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Alpes Dirigido por Yorgos Lanthimos
Alps is an extraordinary work, disturbing and deeply moving in part precisely because of its defining phoniness. It’s as much an investigation into the various flubs, compromises, and half-truths that define the rhythm of human interaction as a towering testament to drama’s rudimentary yens to entertain, affect, and most fundamentally, beguile.
December 06, 2012
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His spell cast, Lanthimos immerses his viewers in a defiantly strange tale about a secret society… that hires itself out to bereaved families to stand in for deceased relatives. That’s all you need to know going in, save the fact that Lanthimos’s talent for off-kilter framing and delayed-laugh nuttiness… builds on that unsettling opening to a degree that will frustrate as many as it will enthrall…
July 09, 2012
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Both a companion piece to and in many ways a reversal of Dogtooth, Alps finds Lanthimos building on that film’s surreally terse style and notions of communication and identity without diluting its singularity or concentration. Working with cinematographer Christos Voudouris, he composes his images… to conjure up an atmosphere of dread that hangs over even the most deceptively tranquil scenes.
July 09, 2012
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