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De Volta para o Futuro

Back to the Future

Dirigido por Robert Zemeckis
Estados Unidos, 1985
Comédia, Ficção Científica


In this 80s sci-fi classic, Californian teen Marty McFly is accidentally zapped back into 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean time machine when an experiment by his eccentric scientist friend, Doc Brown, goes wrong.

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De Volta para o Futuro Dirigido por Robert Zemeckis

Premiações e Festivais

Academy Awards

1986 | Vencedor: Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing

1986 | 3 nomeações, incluindo: Best Music, Original Song

National Board of Review

1985 | Nomeado: Top Ten Films

BAFTA Awards

1986 | 5 nomeações, incluindo: Best Film

Writers Guild of America

1986 | Nomeado: Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen (Screen)

Opiniões dos críticos

The brilliance of the movie is the way it delivers an adult frisson in the middle of a noisy and wacky kid-friendly sci-fi comedy. Perhaps only Spielberg could get away with this film’s blurring of childhood and adult longings, the overlapping of innocence and experience.
January 03, 2017
The successful reconstitution of this masculinity was produced primarily by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale’s BACK TO THE FUTURE, an admittedly glorious genre-crossing inversion of the Oedipus mythology (protagonist Marty must overcome not a present, unconscious desire for his mother and rivalry with his father, but instead must overcome his mother’s desire for him and actively facilitate the transformation of his milquetoast father into a confident figure of authority).
November 18, 2011
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