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Carmine Street Guitars

Dirigido por Ron Mann
Canadá, 2018


Documentarian Ron Mann delivers a ballad to Greenwich Village guitar-maker Rick Kelly, who builds his custom-made instruments from repurposed wood scavenged from historic New York City buildings.

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Carmine Street Guitars Dirigido por Ron Mann

Opiniões dos críticos

The setup is somewhat contrived, and there’s a stilted quality to some of the conversations, clearly urged on by off-camera prompts that we don’t hear. But “Carmine Street Guitars” has its intense pleasures too, and those come mainly from being in the presence of such a devoted craftsman, and watching how he works.
April 24, 2019
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Our world is indeed digitalizing, brutalizing, evacuating its own soul, but in certain rare islands of utopian harmony they still make them like they used to, and it’s wonderful to watch. And listen to.
September 04, 2018
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