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Isadora's Children

Les enfants d'Isadora

Dirigido por Damien Manivel
França, Coreia do Sul, 2019


Following the death of her two children in April 1913, the legendary dancer, Isadora Duncan, created a solo entitled “Mother” in which, in a moment of extreme tenderness, a mother cradles her child one last time before letting him go. A century later, four women encounter the heartrending dance.

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Isadora's Children Dirigido por Damien Manivel

Opiniões dos críticos

Manon and Wolliaston’s anonymous character make for a pair of contrasting, engaging screen presences; they add crucial touches of warmth to what at times feels like a somewhat austere, academic, detached, very Gallic exercise in exquisite artistic contemplation.
August 22, 2019
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Each unfolds with the meticulous procedural attention of a prima ballerina and ends with a scene as perfectly judged as it is astonishingly moving.
August 21, 2019
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