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Avaliações e Críticas

  1. Dominic Simard-Jean's rating of the film City on Fire

    The love story was completely unnecessary and Chow Yun Fat's performance isn't on the level of the work he did with John Woo, but this is still a pretty solid Hong Kong action flick. The robbery and shootout scenes are really well done and Ringo Lam is obviously a capable director. Its got great cinematography work too. Fails to live up to its full potential, but this is still a really decent watch.

  2. Carlo Capalbo's rating of the film City on Fire

  3. 2666's rating of the film City on Fire

    Hindi maikakaila ang naging impluwensya ng pelikulang ito ni Lam sa Kanluranin at maging sa cult robbery bank films, most notably, ang Reservoir Dogs ni Tarantino. May angking karisma ang ganitong mga pelikula ng Hong Kong action films: karakter, musika, kulay, atbp na sa tingin ko’y na-maximize ni Ringo Lam at Chow Yun-fat dito.

  4. Matt Reddick's rating of the film City on Fire

    I channelled my inner eleven-year old and skipped the boring romance subplot and soaked up the action.

  5. Eric Ortiz García's rating of the film City on Fire

  6. Bob's rating of the film City on Fire

    Neon lights, smooth jazz and lounge bars are one of the seductive backgrounds of the story that is occasionally too messy to be fully enjoyed. Too much running and chasing mashed together with romantic love story - because of that, the focus on heist and its antagonists is lost. The great ending is just a reminder of everything that has not been explored as it should have been.

  7. Fırat Ataç's rating of the film City on Fire

  8. bulgrin's rating of the film City on Fire

    This is the best Ringo Lam you can get. Close to John Woo alike.

  9. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film City on Fire

    I never thought a Ringo Lam film as highly regarded as this and that's the #1 influence on Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs would be so bland. The action scenes are amusing—but don't come close to out wooing Woo—yet that's maybe only 25 minutes worth of interest, as all the scenes connecting it are as melodramatic and rote as can be. I am not a big Tarantino fan, but he bettered this by far, and Lam did later, as well.

  10. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film City on Fire

    Still a Hong Kong Classic, doesn't quite have the polish of Reserviour Dogs. Love Chow Yun Fat in this.

  11. Aivaras_Z's rating of the film City on Fire

    A strong classic old school Hong Kong thriller. Has an okay plot with plenty of tension. Too bad it is still remembered mostly for inspiring Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, since the latter practically copied the second half of the plot for his own movie.

  12. Pinkerton's rating of the film City on Fire

    Shades of Reservoir Dogs as undercover cop Chow Yun Fat attempts to infiltrate a local gang of thieves before they plan their next big score. Despite being well-acted, City on Fire squanders a lot of time on an unnecessary love interest instead of developing Fat's budding relationship with the antagonists. It's because of this that the final moments aren't as emotionally impactful as they could and should have been.

  13. slinky's rating of the film City on Fire

    The good parts were intense and dark and few and far between. Chow overacts, the sub-plot is garbage, the pacing disrupts all of the good moments and confuses everything else.

  14. M. Ikhwanul Karim's rating of the film City on Fire

  15. Trust Me, I Watch Movies's rating of the film City on Fire

    As a stand alone film, City on Fire is a kick ass Hong Kong undercover cop thriller. I watched this because of it's influence on Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. The influences are most certainly there. Worth checking out for Tarantino fanatics plus some pretty awesome stunt work from Yung-Fat.

  16. eek's rating of the film City on Fire

  17. Jonathan C.'s rating of the film City on Fire

    To suggest Tarantino ripped off "Reservoir Dogs" from "City on Fire" is nuts. It's like saying Henry Ford ripped the Model T off the carriage maker down the street. Yeah, really similar elements. Kind of misses the point though.

  18. Spencer Draper's rating of the film City on Fire

    Ever wonder what else happened in Reservoir Dogs offscreen? This is the dry run that actually has a story behind it. And characters instead of flashy characterizations. Enjoyable HK action film that has a lot more going on than the opening would have you believe. Chow Yun-fat shines. It's really odd to see the main relationship of "The Killer" reversed though.

  19. Zachary Curl's rating of the film City on Fire

    Chow Yun-fat is still the most charismatic man on film.

  20. Francisco Pedro's rating of the film City on Fire

    Cool action film with intense individual moments and some nice visual touches. It's also a little bit like this directorial debut you might have heard of.