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Getting to Know the Big Wide World

Познавая белый свет

Dirigido por Kira Muratova
União Soviética, 1979


Michail helps out Nicolai and Lubia giving them a ride to a nearby construction site. They will work there to build a new town and factory.

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Getting to Know the Big Wide World Dirigido por Kira Muratova

Opiniões dos críticos

[One] montage is so exquisite, something to be immediately nostalgic for once it passes from the screen, because the rapture and ecstasy on display cannot last: people will go home and fight, cry and divorce. But in these minutes, there is all the hope and love in the world; everything is still possible for everyone. A beautifully melancholic piano theme adds all the more sweetness and ache to the images.
September 27, 2013
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