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Gloria Bell

Dirigido por Sebastián Lelio
Chile, Estados Unidos, 2018
Drama, Comédia


Gloria, an independent divorcee in her 50s, adores her adult children, but she’s interested in being more than a grandmother. She loves to spend her evenings dancing in singles clubs, hoping to meet Mr. Right. Until she meets Arnold at the bar, with whom she starts an uneasy romance.

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Gloria Bell Dirigido por Sebastián Lelio
I drew close to this Gloria in particular, and watched with relief as she danced into a realm of her own, beyond compare.
March 08, 2019
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There is a kind of daring in the film’s very modesty, in Lelio’s decision to forego the thrills of melodrama and the lure of glamour to follow an unexceptional woman, a divorcee, through the peaks and valleys of her days—gentle peaks and valleys that wound her pride but never crush her spirit.
March 01, 2019
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The film undertakes its own step-by-step journey toward clarity and confidence, so winning over its world-premiere audience that they applauded with gusto, not just after but during the film. Some films at TIFF are small and others are self-consciously Big; Gloria Bell was a rare case of a movie from the former category that reveals itself, slowly but surely, as one of the latter.
September 27, 2018
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