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Graves Without a Name

Les tombeaux sans noms

Dirigido por Rithy Panh
França, Camboja, 2018


When a thirteen-year-old child, who lost the greater part of his family under the Khmer rouge, embarks on a search for their graves, whether clay or on spiritual ground, what does he find there? And above all, what is he looking for?

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Graves Without a Name Dirigido por Rithy Panh

Opiniões dos críticos

Panh, as hungry for answers and solace as anyone he films, refuses to editorialize on anyone’s strategy for vivifying the past, channeling old souls, or staging hunts for objects that will never be found.
September 27, 2018
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There is a delicacy to the way Panh frames, juxtaposes, and sometimes attempts to imitate through cinematic means the distinctive mourning customs of his subjects.
September 08, 2018
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O que as pessas estão dizendo?

  • josé neves's rating of the film Graves Without a Name

    Doc Lisboa # 11. Quoting my personal friend "petit astronaute" about this filmmaker previous film ,"the ever-present music little by little erases the images, the actions and the words, that fall into indifference or ennui. Moreover the text tries too hard to be poetic. Poetry could be achieved, in a heartfelt manner, through the sounds and silences of the Cambodians , that here were traded for junk."

  • Kevin Sia's rating of the film Graves Without a Name

    chilling recollections of the khmer rouge rule told alongside near-hopeless spiritual searching of the tormented souls of the dead. incredibly moving imagery of nature, evoking the feeling that these souls are constantly roaming around the fields, not at peace. a crushing and heartbreaking film with barely any breathing room. unrelenting almost to a fault

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