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Hermia & Helena

Dirigido por Matías Piñeiro
Estados Unidos, Argentina, 2016
Comédia, Drama


Camila, a young Argentine theater director, travels from Buenos Aires to New York to attend an artistic residency to develop a Spanish translation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Upon her arrival, she begins to receive a series of mysterious postcards.

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Hermia & Helena Dirigido por Matías Piñeiro
The films of [Piñeiro] have, in scarcely a decade, swiftly become as internally networked and interrelated as those of Garrel throughout his life. The same ensemble of actors, the suite of variations on Shakespearean themes and situations, the playful interweavings from Rohmer and Rivette … it can veer toward cinephilepreciousness and even pretention, but here the level of inventiveness is kept high and fresh. An absolute delight, with some truly surprising and satisfying deviations.
December 22, 2017
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Part of the charm of Hermia & Helena is in the way it freely and randomly plays with form, employing luxuriantly slow dissolves, unexpected snatches of superimposed text, and even a black-and-white film-within-the-film. At times, this makes up for the occasionally awkward performances; Piñeiro is too sincere to write characters who speak exclusively in zingers, and yet his dialogue is delivered as breathlessly and flatly as the badinage of an early Whit Stillman movie.
May 25, 2017
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All of these touches make “Hermia & Helena” a peculiar film, one both steely and delicate. It is also an often amusing look at the contemporary mating mores of this fair city, with Poulson’s portrayal of a nonchalantly sleazy womanizing hipster milquetoast particularly resonant. But the film belongs to Muñoz. She’s the kind of performer (like Setsuko Hara, the Japanese actress to whom the film is dedicated) you can’t take your eyes off, even when she doesn’t seem to be up to much of anything.
May 25, 2017
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