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Isle of the Dead

Dirigido por Mark Robson
Estados Unidos, 1945
Drama, Terror, Suspense


Set during the 1912 Balkan Wars, features Karloff as Greek general Pherides who, along with an American journalist, visits the gravesite of his late wife on a deserted island.

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Isle of the Dead Dirigido por Mark Robson

Opiniões dos críticos

The second of three movies that Boris Karloff made for Lewton, it is a particularly beguiling, glinting jewel of the horror genre.
October 31, 2018
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[It’s] an elegant shape-shifter, leaving the audience unaware what the danger is and where it can come from. Up to this point the film is as quietly ambitious and dreamily poetic as other Lewton productions, summoning exquisite, eerie dread in its every breath . . . yet what was it that so terrified Scorsese? The answers come fast and furious in the film’s last third, which involves premature burial, sleepwalking, gruesome stabbings, and a nasty plunge off the side of a cliff.
October 25, 2014
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