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A Estalagem Maldita

Jamaica Inn

Dirigido por Alfred Hitchcock
Reino Unido, 1939
Aventura, Crime


Cornwall, circa 1800. The young orphan Mary is sent to Aunt Patience and Uncle Joss who operate the Jamaica Inn. Mary soon discovers that her uncle’s inn is the base for a band of pirates…

A Estalagem Maldita Dirigido por Alfred Hitchcock

Opiniões dos críticos

Laughton shouts, struts, rolls his eyes and peers down his nose. He is the most mobile thing in this studio-bound movie. Dominating every scene that he is in, he is particularly fascinating in those played opposite the movie’s spirited young heroine, Mary (18-year-old Maureen O’Hara in her first movie role), an Irish orphan who finds herself dumped in the titular smuggler’s den of ill repute.
June 04, 2015
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[In the opening scene,] a cargo ship is deliberately taken off course and made to crash into the shore by a band of “thieves, smugglers, and cutthroats,” as heroine Mary (Maureen O’Hara) will eventually call them, so that the shipmates can be murdered and the goods hauled away for profit. Hitchcock frames the sequence cunningly, integrating footage of model ships and several men being beaten down by gallons of water as to make a thoroughly faked shipwreck seem stunningly authentic.
May 19, 2015
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