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Notre dame

Dirigido por Valérie Donzelli
França, Bélgica, 2019


Maud Crayon, architect and single mother of two, can’t find the right balance between her career and sentimental life thanks to a weak ex-husband who’s still in the picture. When she’s miraculously chosen to lead the restoration of the esplanade of Notre-Dame de Paris, which should make her the…

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Notre dame Dirigido por Valérie Donzelli

Opiniões dos críticos

Here is a true screwball joie de vivre missing from 99.9% of comedies and so-called rom-coms. That the rest of the film, while appropriately ludicrously plotted, fails to keep up this pacing, this density, and this delight is not a surprise, as the effort and inspiration that would entail might exhaust a filmmaker to death, but the bubbly concoction that follows is hardly the worst path to have chosen.
August 13, 2019
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