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Amantes Eternos

Only Lovers Left Alive

Dirigido por Jim Jarmusch
Reino Unido, Alemanha, 2013
Drama, Terror, Romance


Casal de vampiros se reencontra após viverem anos separados. O romântico momento de ambos é interrompido pela chegada da incontrolável irmã caçula da vampira.

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Amantes Eternos Dirigido por Jim Jarmusch

Premiações e Festivais

Cannes Film Festival

2013 | Vencedor: Cannes Soundtrack Award

Independent Spirit Awards

2015 | 2 nomeações, incluindo: Best Screenplay

The film is a study in shared melancholy, of facing forever, and whether holding hands while it happens makes it any less intolerable. Jarmusch ultimately finds creativity, the product of human imagination, to be reason enough to face any indignation and hardship. And furthermore, that sharing the delight one finds listening to the perfect song, or watching a perfect movie such as this, is the most rapturous pleasure life can offer. Reason to live as many lifetimes as one is handed.
January 11, 2017
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Like all Jarmusch films, Only Lovers Left Alive is very funny, with numerous allusive puns and terrific exchanges that follow from the indulgence of urges… the charms of Jim Jarmusch’s funny, sexy, and elegiac vampire movie speak for themselves.
August 25, 2014
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Only Lovers Left Alive is Top 5 Jim Jarmusch for sure; a long, warm bath in sensuality, with flashes of Wong-Kar Wai amid the ennui. In its deliberate slowness, it also ends up feeling like a requiem for 20th century film storytelling, and for the pre-digital world.
August 02, 2014
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