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Trama Fantasma

Phantom Thread

Dirigido por Paul Thomas Anderson
Estados Unidos, 2017


Set in the glamour of 1950s post-war London, renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril are at the center of British fashion. Women come and go through Woodcock’s life, until he comes across a young, strong-willed woman who soon becomes a fixture in his life as his muse and lover.

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Trama Fantasma Dirigido por Paul Thomas Anderson

Premiações e Festivais

Academy Awards

2018 | 5 nomeações, incluindo: Best Picture

2018 | Vencedor: Best Costume Design

San Sebastián International Film Festival

2018 | Vencedor: FIPRESCI Grand Prix

Village Voice Film Poll

2017 | 2 vitórias, incluindo: Best Director

2017 | 4 nomeações, incluindo: Best Lead Performance

Two lives — and two perversities — become one in this ravishingly beautiful, often unexpectedly funny film, which traces the relationship between an eminent couture designer (a magnificent Daniel Day-Lewis) and his younger, surprising muse (Vicky Krieps). It’s a story about love and about work, and finally as much about its own creation as the romance onscreen.
December 06, 2017
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Romance in Phantom Thread swings between gothic horror and comedy. In the end it is hard to figure out what exactly has saved the House of Woodcock from the fate of the House of Usher. Whatever it is, Anderson’s sense of macabre humor won’t allow Alma (Vicky Krieps) to kill Reynolds. It’s weirder to watch him squirm.
April 19, 2018
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Anderson drinks in the stylish townhouse where much of the film takes place, framing a spiral staircase in worshipfully low angles as Reynolds’s maids, seamstresses, and models ascend it each morning to commence in the ritual of their work. These svelte montages, accompanied by Jonnny Greenwood’s hypnotic score, viscerally communicate the profound fulfillment that an artist derives from knowing that everything is in the right place at the right time.
December 07, 2017
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