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Wan mei jin xing shi

Dirigido por Shengze Zhu
Estados Unidos, Hong Kong, RAE da China, 2019


Millions of Chinese people do live streaming. Those whose poverty, physical shortcomings or gender prevent them from taking part in the real world find human contact here. A collective portrait based on 800 hours of video material shows fragments of lives that are interwoven with virtual showrooms.

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Present.Perfect. Dirigido por Shengze Zhu

Opiniões dos críticos

[It’s] pixelated and jumpy—seemingly in contrast with the static, Vermeer-like treatment of space in Zhu’s previous documentary feature, Another Year (2017). But Present.Perfect.‘s characteristic use of the long take and her careful cutting, along with the conversion of found-footage to black and white, demonstrate Zhu’s continued interest in framing everyday life in formally precise ways.
February 01, 2019
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