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Seeking the Monkey King

Dirigido por Ken Jacobs
Estados Unidos, 2011
Curta, Vanguarda


In this new short, Ken Jacobs attempts to determine a place between two and three dimensions, pushing time to take on substance.

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Seeking the Monkey King Dirigido por Ken Jacobs

Opiniões dos críticos

The longest of the four featured works, 2011’s Seeking the Monkey King, is a complex experiment that represents a Hegelian synthesis of the other films on the bill. (Shrewd programming by BAM’s Nellie Killian and David Reilly.) It is in most respects comprised of the most thoroughgoing abstraction in image and sound.
May 11, 2015
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…One of the most memorable, and trippy, watches in my cinephile career. As those in my row slept beside me [on the flight to Berlin], I grew nervous of prompting an epileptic fit as an elderly woman across the aisle turned her head towards my MacBook on which Jacobs’s twisting tinfoil masterpiece of anger and frustration pulsated with alternately blue and gold light, emanating (projecting?) a noticeable flashing in our darkened corner of the fuselage.
February 10, 2014
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