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Os Cavalos de Fogo

Тіні забутих предків

Dirigido por Sergei Parajanov
União Soviética, 1964
Drama, História, Vanguarda


Nas montanhas dos Cárpatos, na Ucrânia do século XIX, o amor, ódio, a vida e a morte entre o povo hutsul permanecem iguais desde o início dos tempos. Ivan é atraído por Marichka, a linda filha do homem que matou seu pai. Mas o destino trágicamente decreta que os dois amantes permanecerão separados.

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Os Cavalos de Fogo Dirigido por Sergei Parajanov

Opiniões dos críticos

Naturalism is never a priority for Parajanov or his actors, who jump back and forth between mad happiness, dull resignation, and murderous rage so quickly that it can be a little confusing. The romantic leads are wooden and stilted, but the craggy ensemble, whose expressionism and physicality borders on mime, is wonderful.
July 26, 2013
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  • josé neves's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    A film related to Mark Donskoy's "The Horse that Cryed". By a similar fictional approach to a novelistic appeal; by a profound regionality and mythology of its own, deeply articulated with the cultural heritage of a people; by the immense visual and sonic creativity to tell the story of fateful lovers, deeply loved by a cinema that challenges the ruling order. A work of art whose other title is “Horses of Fire”.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Essential cinema. Parajanov took us to the Carpathian mountains and captured Ukrainian folk lore in a bold, vivid and visceral way. A cinematographic marvel in its rich colour, costume and camera effects full of memorable images. Controversial in Russia for its religious content and 'glorification' of folklore and banned for many years.

  • Graveyard Poet's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Vividly visual and visceral film from a brilliantly unique and visionary director. It remains one-of-a-kind with its dazzling, colorful cinematography, hallucinatory and surreal, and its almost ethnographic depiction of ancient agrarian life and rituals in a community of the Carpathian mountains. It is a tragic love story and a story of the earth, which is like a forgotten folk song of intoxicating wonder.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Proto-Christian paganism depicted with a universally resonant Rome & Juliet folk story and astonishing visuals that bathe the viewer, like young Ivan and Marichka, into a cathartically pantheistic nature. The trumpeting from the past has the effect of an aural and visual gazer, which renders the metaphysics of this cinema inaccesible to anything in our days. The world seen through the awe of the artist-as-child!

  • FilmEdie's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Feels less accurate to describe Parajanov as possessed of genius than *by* it, if genius was an energetic force, some ecstatic delirium, itself propelling the camera through space, resonating in the sound... More than any stylistic element, it is this extraordinary, often bewildering, energy that turns an artistically unique, if slightly overwrought, portrayal of some ill-fated lovers into something nearing sublime.

  • This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Jesus, what is this! How can images be manipulated like this! A movie that takes more risky cinematic gestures than a Michael Bay or Guy Maddin movie and manages to make them perfect without a trance gimmickry or abiding to social trends of the time is a far more impressive movie than what constitutes as mastery by today! I also loved how the movie explores ritual. Defiantly a new favorite!

  • Daniella's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Tengo la cabeza hirviendo de pensar en todos esos movimientos de cámara. No habían empezado los créditos cuando ya se había convertido en uno de mis filmes favoritos. Los colores, la música y los trajes "folk", las imágenes oníricas y la tragedia de Romeo y Julieta en los Cárpatos la convierten en una de las películas más bellas del cine de autor.

  • Francisco R.'s rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Parajanov had an uncanny notion of film language, the camerawork seems to be in perfect harmony with each character and their interaction with the soviet landscapes, in a perfect example of both folkloric and rhythmic beauty.

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