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Avaliações e Críticas

  1. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Parajanov's movies are primitive in the most laudatory sense of that word--they make me feel like I'm in a chaotic pagan spirit realm that plays by its own rules. great for unlocking the Ur-child in us all and driving pets out of the room as well

  2. CAP's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    The story is a pretext for formal experiments, specially in choosing where to place the camera (also upon roofs or trees) and how to move it. With an attention for chromatic elements and ethnographic rituals (like the wedding yoke).

  3. Lennert's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Maybe I had too high expectations but to be honest I expected more. Looking forward to rewatch.

  4. Felippe's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    A estética de Parajanov sempre é impressionante; a composição de cores, o figurino, a musicalidade tornam o filme imperdível. As legendas em português deixam um pouco a desejar.

  5. Rodrigo Salas's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    In this brilliant movie, Sergei Parajanov brings together avant-garde filmmaking and Ukrainian folklore. His simultaneously meticulous and fantastical depiction of the Hutsul culture somehow resembles Latin-American magic realism.

  6. Justi's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    What a stunning film. Absolutely gorgeous cinematography and mise-en-scene. Such a raw and intimate portrayal of a forgotten culture. I could feel the smell of the church. The plot did not necessarily engage me as such, but all is forgiven through the amount of work done on this picture.

  7. sahir ravi's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    seeing the shadow, you remember the ancestors are always there

  8. on.manuel15's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Más que la historia me quedo con la puesta en escena, increible y única, llamativa, emocionante, como para ver una y otra vez. Aquí la fotografía está en armonía con el diseño de producción para hacer un viaje místico y onirico bien logrado gracias a la música presente una y otra vez, como en una especie de mantra. Ojalá mubi traiga más películas de este realizador

  9. Gabriel Vasto Laurindo De Masi's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    With Parajanov's first movie we can already see the path he was following: images first, and a complex immersion in russian folklore. It's interesting to note that the importance of the plot is decreased as Parajanov's gets mature. It's a surrealistic, crude, visceral and poethic way of doing cinema.

  10. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Parajanov employs a heartbreaking forbidden love story to guide us through the hardships and the beauty present in the Ukrainian Hutsul culture and its History symbolism as they were at the beginning of the 20th century. Screenplay and cinematography cast us a spell into believing we’re actually reading a folks-tale book. Magical work! Ivan: Marichkaaaa! Marichka: Iiiivan!

  11. Francisco Real's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Maravillosa historia de amor y desamor, con una cinematografia alucinante, llena de color, folclor y música impresionantes.

  12. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    How to make a review that this film deserve? Somehow I guess it is better to just let the feverish images flow over your eyes, the soundtrack of traditional folk singers overwhelm your ears and the story of a man called Ivan (split in segments like an anthology movie) move you with it's simplicity and fairytale/horror movie-like ending. Sometimes the word "unique" is not enough.

  13. Juan's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Basado en la corriente literaria rusa de “escritura de la tierra”, Parajanov retrata la vida en una aldea eslava (¡prácticamente medieval!) y crea una balada romántica y bucólica, que luego da un giro hacia el tema del hechizo de amor y el toque de la muerte. La trama se mueve en registros casi etnográficos, pero siempre con una narrativa audaz y un uso expresivo del color. La música también es notable.

  14. manuelveigas's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    A film of pure visual creativity where every sequence brims with exuberance and magnificent colour, but which never descends into excessive ornamentation. Every frame and camera movement receives the utmost consideration and yet this is not abstract art where narrative is sacrificed as in other films of the time. Russian directors have always had an unusually good sense for colour, but Parajanov reigns supreme there.

  15. Marco B.'s rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    7/10 - Brilliant shots, wise use of lights

  16. Andy Briones's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Vibrant and kinetic, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors is a welcome break from Parajanov's usual tableu-like visuals

  17. Jonathan Kelsall's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    A tragic folklore tale of two child sweethearts that fall in love and then instantly separated by death that conveys the emotions with minimal dialogue and visual stimulation through weddings, celebrations and death. An example of a film that's begging for a HD restoration where my appreciation may be expanded in the detail and perhaps not so overwhelmed by the musical front that assaults you in it's muddy gloom.

  18. cerioshuerta's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    "Los corceles de fuego", sin dejar de contar igualmente con planos portadores de una gran potencia plástica, sí noto ese fluir entre ellos (choques, continuidades, rimas…) y, por ende, esa buscada concepción de "poema cinematográfico".

  19. zaheen's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

  20. Giulio Base's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    A lot of folklore, art, more than a few emotions.

  21. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    So, everyone , i promise you when i buy out MUBI i wont consider anyone's opinions, feelings, or memories about film, your lives, or the place they intersect...its only a matter of.....TIME...... : )

  22. becouseiami's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    This film is a rare combination of a deep, though psychologically consuming and at the same time engaging art piece. It gives us a somewhat modernistic perspective that psychologizes and mystifies the traditional culture. The culture which was a mixture of chthonic and religious customs that was everpresent those times and now is underrepresented. It gives me a feeling of reading a fairy tale for the first time

  23. DenoResandono's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Dari segi visual, presentasi, dan teknis, film ini tidak usah diragukan lagi. Sergei Parajanov mampu merangkum perjalanan hidup seorang Ivanko hanya dalam waktu kurang lebih 92 menit. Ini pun juga menjadi masalah. Masalahnya, cara bertuturnya terasa serba cepat dan terkesan seperti dikejar anjing. Tidak ada ruang untuk mengenal karakternya lebih intim. Cukup disayangkan mengingat film ini punya materi yang menarik...

  24. Lucas Aluísio Scatimburgo Pedroso's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Fotografia incrível, explora limites de ângulos e velocidades, às vezes de forma exagerada até. História acaba sendo meio difícil, acontece muita coisa no começo e pouco depois. Fica a impressão de que a cena no bar/taverna tinha potencial para muito mais, mas limites de recursos podem ter afetado.