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Avaliações e Críticas

  1. thebaus's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

  2. n_caleffi's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

  3. Pancho Legaspi's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    early parajanov was good but he was destined to greater things. nevertheless it was a very good visual approach to an interesting and unique culture

  4. Jaskirat Singh's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Unlike anything you normally see. Such a beautifully unique aesthetic. The entire film feels like a long musical piece because of the presence of music in every scene. Scenes without music also have some sort of musicality. So much of the mood is conveyed through this music/songs, even before the action of the scene takes place. Definitely a must-watch film

  5. Daniele Cinemaniaco's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    La tormentata storia d'amore tra Ivan e Marička, lirica e talmente fuori dal tempo da essere mitologica. La regia e il montaggio sono cosí moderni da apparire ancora oggi quasi sperimentali (le inquadrature in diagonale, i movimenti di camera ultraveloci), uso del colore espressivo e innovativo. Le musiche (immagino) tradizionali lo rendono un viaggio ipnotico a tratti disturbante.

  6. Ieva's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    I wouldn't call it "my type of film". But the way it was captured, it was mesmerising to look at.

  7. Laura G.'s rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Parajanov does it again. What a wonderful and hard and sad world. How love can be the centre of your life and destroy you at the same time.

  8. NiMe's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Unbelievable paganastic hallucinatory masterpiece! Without words...

  9. Juan's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

  10. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    "Remember me Ivanko, at least twice a day. I remember you seven times an hour." Poetic, awe-inspiring and hypnotic masterpiece. My first Parajanov and I want to see everything he's ever done. He captures the feeling of a dream or a fairytale with how-did-they-do-that imagery, bucking the social realist trends of Soviet Cinema with invigorating energy. Must be seen on the big screen.

  11. ceknklsn's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    60/100 (Narın Rengi filmine acaba 95 vererek büyük bir hata mı yaptım diye düşündüm. O filmde tek başarılı devam eden şey görüntü yönetimi kalmış. Geri kalan her şey Narın Rengi'nden kötü. Belki de ben hata yapmışımdır. Konu klasik bir palavra Leyla ile Mecnun hikayesinden öte değil. Hatta filmin doğru düzgün hikayesi yokken bile 2-3 ciddi saçmalama mevcut. Filmi kesinlikle sevemedim....)

  12. Shiv Kammadari's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    2nd watch - 3 stars. This film is a problem child - the poetic cinematographic style alienates the viewer and takes the viewer on a tiring and fatiguing journey.The awful avant-garde shot framing, sound production and visual storytelling choices have to do with Parajanov's need for rebellion against the standard soviet style. All in all, a very weak film. But it's impressively made for a non-commercial art film.

  13. Eriugena82's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    What a film!! There is something utterly magical here with the rich visuals and impressive camerawork. Not to mention the way in which the plot, a study of life, love and death, is 'framed' by Hutsul culture. The whole thing is like one long dream, vignettes of Ivan's tragedy set alongside the rhythms of everyday life as the seasons pass. One of the most beautiful (and at times melancholic) films I have ever seen.

  14. Innersol's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

  15. Leonor's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Cine de magia, surrealismo folklorico, de fantasmas y brujas, de mitología, cine que no ignora su entorno (las imágenes, sus narraciones), con un gran uso de los vestidos y la fotografía (como si fuera un hada omnisciente que sobrevuela la historia).

  16. bartkl's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Very unique film, throwing all kinds of qualities in the mix, visually, stylistically and emotionally. The story is incredibly heartbreaking. Their exceptional love suddenly gone, and how Ivan never really regains spirit, was so well entrenched in the viewing experience. Anthropologically this film is a very interesting watch as well, although I wouldn't know to what extent it's accurately realistic. Loved it.

  17. I.Camera's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Another mosaic of sound and colour from the Parajanov, this time set among the Carpathian Hutsul mountains. Displaying a genuine appreciation for the folklore of a minority ethnic region in the Ukraine (one not shared by the Soviet authorities), this film about a forester's love for the strikingly beautiful Marichko established Parajanov's nonpareil style for the next three decades. A classic of Sovcolor fabulism.

  18. Graveyard Poet's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Vividly visual and visceral film from the brilliantly visionary director Sergei Parajanov. It remains one-of-a-kind with its dazzling, colorful cinematography, hallucinatory and surreal, and its almost ethnographic depiction of ancient agrarian life and rituals in a community of the Carpathian mountains. It is a tragic love story and a story of the earth, which is like a forgotten folk song of intoxicating wonder.

  19. dionysus67's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Proto-Christian paganism depicted with a universally resonant Romeo & Juliet folk story and astonishing visuals that bathe the viewer, like young Ivan and Marichka, into a cathartically pantheistic nature. The trumpeting from the past has the effect of an aural and visual gazer, which renders the metaphysics of this cinema inaccessible by contemporary standards. The world seen through the awe of the artist-as-child!

  20. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Lyrical is exactly how one would describe the atmosphere in this film. A majestic sight of Soviet Ukraine flooded with color and song. I've wanted to recreate the underwater-looking-up sequence ever since I first saw this film.

  21. pintobean's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Arresting visuals, seriously. Some of the transitions (Ivan's father's death) and the reveals were perfect. The camera gets right to the meat of things. The story is simple but effective and very human. I wished they had lingered longer on certain aspects of Ivan's life like his grief but I understand the need to move quickly. Love the music, surprisingly funny at times, overall really cool stuff.

  22. Mr. Marston's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

  23. Aivaras_Z's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Absolute classic, strong not only visually but symbolically. Tells a tragic story, yet provides the viewer with a perfect ode to the Ukrainian culture.

  24. ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Os Cavalos de Fogo

    Oh good, more Russian Soul bullshit. Ooh, look at the suffering peasants, look at the hammy acting, look at the flat writing. Yup, this is a soviet film alright. Besides the wonderful semi-last scene, this is just aesthetic porn all throughout. And yet, Parajanov considers his prior work "garbarge" in comparison to this (guess I know what to avoid now). Fingers crossed that his follow-ups are better.