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Avaliações e Críticas

  1. Miguel A. Reina's rating of the film She Runs

    [Alcine] The imposition of a society to lead lives is the main theme. Based on a personal experience of the director, the teenage protagonist resists being part of a gymnastics team. The camera is distant, looking from a distance, sometimes almost hidden. It's a portrait of personal intimacy that is also a reflection of a Chinese society that marks the way forward, that considers the desire for freedom to be treason.

  2. Yang's rating of the film She Runs

    Through spacious composition, impressive sound design (especially off-screen sound), and slow pans and zooms, the film effectively makes you feel the girl's pressure. Portrays the feeling of being boxed by one's expectations, the restriction of one's decision and movements, and the burden of pressure. Does what shorts should do best - conveying a feeling, a slice of experience.