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Son of Gascogne

Le fils de Gascogne

Dirigido por Pascal Aubier
França, 1995
Drama, Comédia


A boy hears that his father may still be alive and sets out to find him, meeting many of his father’s acquaintances and friends along the way and making some of his own.

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Son of Gascogne Dirigido por Pascal Aubier

Opiniões dos críticos

The film is pungent with nostalgia, but Aubier is after something meatier as well: he’s more concerned with the meaning of these memories in the present than he is with the memories themselves. And one way of differentiating The Son of Gascogne from Valparaiso Valparaiso is that his allegory about the myth of the New Wave and the meaning of postmodern pastiche is a good deal more tender and forgiving about innocence than its predecessor.
August 14, 1998
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