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Stupid Young Heart

Hölmö nuori sydän

Dirigido por Selma Vilhunen
Finlândia, Holanda, 2018


When carefree, young Lenni and his girlfriend find themselves expecting a child, he ends up looking for a role model in all the wrong places as he becomes involved with local right-wing activists.

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Stupid Young Heart Dirigido por Selma Vilhunen

Opiniões dos críticos

Non-white immigrants only appear during altercations that exploit their suffering for Lenni’s wide-eyed gaze, as he begins to recognize the perils of his ways at a snail’s pace.
September 02, 2018
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  • Dada Kubin's rating of the film Stupid Young Heart

    The adults’ stance towards teen pregnancy is straightforward: it’s the biggest mistake you can make. Stupid Young Heart takes the youth’s perspective which isn’t as simple. It follows the reactions of the 15 year old soon-to-be-parents who are adorably unrealistic about life. Whereas the girl grows up almost instantly, the boy - afraid of failing - seeks acceptance in the wrong company, and the conflict is ready.