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Avaliações e Críticas

  1. Cal Cleary's rating of the film The Big Fix

    Sprawling, artless agitprop that looks at important - even vital issues - with the fevered hectoring of that one conspiracy theorist who hands out in your public library. There's some really great stuff in here, but no focus, no sense of presentation.

  2. aubfuscate's rating of the film The Big Fix

    It's easy to blame big oil companies but everything is interconnected. There wouldn't be a haphazard rush for supply without demand. This doc hints at consumers making changes, but when the biggest oil consumer is the US military, what can the individual really do to change to the global market? I agree with that NYT guy, it's going to take an epic-scale disaster for real shifts in energy use. Whatever, just watch.

  3. jamesey's rating of the film The Big Fix

    Like all docs, you can expect a whole bunch of bias, but in this case it's justified. This movie is an eye opener. The thought that even Obama faked his gulf swim trip shows how intense the corruption has gotten.

  4. eddyfree's rating of the film The Big Fix

    Essential Viewing for All Human Beings. Great Soundtrack too!

  5. petra moonshine's rating of the film The Big Fix

    can not stand commentary narrator persona

  6. mpho3's rating of the film The Big Fix

    It's no spoiler alert to say BP is evil, but this well-intentioned piece starts out strong only to lose its grip as it becomes fueled (no pun intended) by outrage. The allegations about Corexit and interviews with Gulf residents make it worth viewing, but the Tickells' cloak and dagger exploits and vocalized vows to persevere despite the risks to themselves come across as puerile and naive. 3.5 stars